Hearts Alive #2 is one of Sonya Lee Barrington's latest pieces of silk work.  It is a small piece measuring only 12" x 12."  It is made of dupioni silk, machine pieced, and hand appliqued.  Sonya hand quilted it with copper metallic thread and embellished it with Mother of Pearl vintage buttons, glass beads and other objects.  It hangs freely from a stand created from copper tubing.

To see more of Sonya's work, please visit her website or watch her in Episode 1012: Beyond Cotton: Working with Wool and Silk.

Hearts Alive #2 - 36 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 100 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 100 pieces rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 289 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 289 pieces rotating