In Episode 1012 - Beyond Cotton: Working with Wool and Silk with Sonya Lee Barrington, Sonya demonstrates how to work with wool while showing Ricky how to make a purse out of a jacket.  This quilt is also a "re-cycled" piece.  The quilt top is 100% recycled wool and the buttons are recycled as well. It is machine pieced; hand embroidered and hand quilted. The back is new Pendelton® wool and the batting is wool as well.  The quilt measures 48" x 72".

The Jigsaw site changed the look.  You can increase the puzzle to full screen by clicking the little box and arrow icon in the lower right corner.  You can see it in the picture below.

After you make it full screen use the gear icon to rescatter the pieces.


You can see more of Sonya's work at www.sonyaleebarrington.com.

Wool Work - 35 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 96 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 96 pieces rotating

Wool Work - 300 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 300 pieces rotating