This week's puzzle selected from the Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, is March Study. It is Nancy Crow's "lucky quilt." It was the quilt that earned recognition for her from The American Craft Museum in New York. In 1980, the museum displayed her quilt in the front window and on the cover of their magazine. In 1993, they honored Nancy with a solo exhibition and in 1999 she was named a Fellow of the American Craft Council.

March Study was made in 1979 and is 80" x 80." It is made from cottons and is machine pieced and hand quilted by Mrs. Levi Mast.

Here is a snippet from Nancy's artist statement on her website:

"The purpose of my quilts is to make something beautiful for me but at the same time they are a means of expression representing my deepest feelings and my life experiences. In addition, my quilts are all about how I see color and color relationships; how I see shapes; and how I see line and linear movements. They are also about complexity, sadness, and hope.

My style of quiltmaking is contemporary in that I want to express my experiences now and not copy old quilts. They are traditional only in that they are pieced and hand-quilted."

To learn more about Nancy, click here to visit her website. 

Click here to see the quilt.

March Study - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

March Study - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

March Study - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

March Study - 36 Pieces Rotating

March Study - 100 Pieces Rotating

March Study - 289 Pieces Rotating


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