It took quite a bit to get this quilt together, but probably not the way you think.  Sharon Pederson began this quilt in 2009 and with the help of her friends from all around the world, she organized and ran the Rose of Sharon Block Challenge.  You'll want to read the whole story at Sharon's website.  Here are the names of the designers of the blocks, including one from Sharon.

Starting at the upper left corner and going across the top, they are:

Simonetta Marini of Bologna, Italy, Judy Best from Ontario, Canada, Dianne Gronfors also from Ontario, Canada, my block, Leslie Collins from California, USA, Jo Moury of Virginia, USA, Rebekah Reinheimer from Jerusalem, Israel, Suzy Pricket of Florida, USA, Barb Vlack from Illinois, USA, Candace Door of Nebraska, USA, Pat Daniels, from Manitoba, Canada, Claudia Change of Taipei, Taiwan, and Kari Bauer from Illinois, USA.

BTW, our own Alex and Ricky judged the final blocks!

Rose of Sharon 1 - 120 pieces, non-rotating

Rose of Sharon 2 - 100 pieces, rotating

Visit Sharon's website