This wonderful hawaiian quilt was created by Hannah Ku'umililani (Hannah Cummings Baker) in 1938.  Hannah is a major figure in the history of Hawaiian quilt-making having begun quilting in the 1920s and continuing through the 1970s.  She was teacher and kept the Hawaiian tradition alive by passing on her knowledge to hundreds of women throughout the islands.  More importantly she collected and designed hundreds of patterns.

Hannah made her designs accessible to the public and encouraged other Hawaiian quilt-makers to share as well, thereby preserving what might have been lost.  

This quilt, Pikake Lei and Tuberose is a break from tradition in that it is a light pattern on a darker, blue/green, background.  It is 86" x 86", made from cotton, hand appliqued and quilted with a machine-stitched edging.

Pikake Lei 1 - 90 Pieces, Non-Rotating

Pikake Lei 2 - 90 Pieces, Rotating


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