This large hand pieced, appliqued, and embroidered quilt created by Mildred Jacob Chappell in 1931-2, depicts the settling of the west.  It has an embroidered salute to the pioneers who settled the countryside calling them "indomitable and unafraid."  Everyone from Lewis and Clark to Geronimo are depicted in this imaginative quilt, Settling the West.  Mildred's love for the Old West earned her many accolades including success at the Century of Progress national competition in 1933.

Mildred added an inscription to the back of the quilt which reads,

I, Mildred Jacob Chappell, made this quilt as a labor of love.  Love for the 'Old West' as I have known it in history and books.  Love of the "New West' as I have known it in travel.  My only regret is that I could not have lived one hundred years earlier to experience those stirring times, instead of only having made this quilt to commemorate them.

West1 - 100 pieces - non-rotating

West2 - 72 pieces - rotating