The top 100 puzzle this week is an applique masterpiece by Wisconsin quilter, Charlotte Jane Whitehill.  It was made in 1930 and was quilted by an "unknown" quilter.  Indiana Wreath measures 90" x 90"  Charlotte came to quilting a bit later in life. Born in 1866, she made her first quilt in 1929.  For the next fifteen years or so, she appliqued 35 quilts and pieced at least 2.  According to Barbara Brackman, the Indiana Wreath design was quite popular after many women saw a similar quilt in Marie Webster's 1915 book, Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them.

Wreath1 - 81 pieces non-rotating

Wreath2 - 80 pieces rotating

(Please ignore the yellowing in the white background fabric, that is unfortunately a problem with the original photograph and is not part of the quilt.)


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