Rio Hondo (80" x 64") is a fractured landscape masterpiece by Katie Pasquini-Masopust.  She takes a photograph, enlarges it, and then fractures the surface into vertical sections.  For movement, she adds diagonals. Rio Hondo is a river that runs between Taos and Santa Fe.  Katie says, "I am interested in portraying places I have been, into a surreal world of my own."  This quilt was lost at a show and was missing for nine months.  A salvage company found it and tracked Katie down because she had written pertinent information on her quilt label.   So remember to ALWAYS INCLUDE A QUILT LABEL.

The quilt is in the collection of John Walsh III.  It was made in 1995, mostly from cottons.  It is machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted.  

Rio Hondo 1 - 80 pieces non rotating

Rio Hondo 2 - 80 pieces rotating

(Some people have had missing pieces.  If this happens to you please put in a comment so we can see how many people are affected.  Remember you can move the menu bar on the left to look for the missing piece.)


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