Description:  Ufka, also known to the Greeks as phyllo, and to the Persians as fila, dates back to early Persia.This paper-thin dough made of water, flour and oil is used for a wide range of both sweet and savory dishes in Turkey.  Making Ufka is an art and not for the faint of heart; think Strudel dough, and you get the idea. Most Turks buy it fresh at a specialty shop, but you can purchase it in the frozen food section of a Middle Eastern Market.  Ufka is a very diverse dough. When the thin layers are brushed with butter and then baked or fried, they become tender and crispy.  Fillings range widely from chopped nuts and (i.e. Baklava) to mixtures of cheese and spinach (Ispanak) or meat (Börek). 

You can also pan fry packages filled with savory fillings (like a quesadilla) for a quick meal on a weekend night.  TQS member Yasemin has generously shared her family recipe for Gözleme, which is Ufka filled with a savory meat filling.

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