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Show Techniques

Show Techniques

Coneflower Block

Coneflower Appliqué Quilt Block - Priscilla Knoble

Try your hand at creating a Coneflower Appliqué quilt block designed for us by Priscilla Knoble.

Show 1505: How to Make a House Block Japanese Style with Priscilla Knoble

Creating Fabric Collage

Creating Fabric Collage by Computer - Judy Ahlborn

Here's a practice block from Ann Myhre which will allow you to learn Judy Ahlborn's technique for creating a fabric collage by computer.

Show 2110: How to Create Digital Collage Quilts with Judy Ahlborn

Cross and Circles

Cross and Circles Quilt Block - Debby Schnabel

Debby Schnabel demonstrates a small embroidered Cross and Circles quilt block.

Show 1512: How to Do Hand Embroidery with Debby Schnabel

37 results - showing 1 - 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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