My Country House - Month 10

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October 01, 2015


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Did you play “conkers” as a child? You’d drill a hole through the center of dried conker - a chestnut. Thread a piece of string through the hole, and your conker is battle ready! Two players then take turns striking the other’s conker, until one of the conkers breaks. The best conkers were the ones we kept from one year to the next. They were very hard and strong. Our driveway was lined with chestnut trees, and my brother and I played many a game.

Squirrels nested in our chestnut trees. They would leap with amazing agility from tree to tree, and they loved to eat the conkers. The grey squirrel in my block is tackling a nut on the ground. Perhaps she is going to store it somewhere safe ready for the coming winter.

The pieced blocks I have chosen for this month are called Weathervane. According to folklore, if you see squirrels being more active than usual in the fall, a hard winter is coming.

This month we’ll also start assembling the quilt.