My Country House - Month 6

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June 01, 2015


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As you can plainly see, these two bunnies are in love. I think everyone loves a rabbit - except maybe some farmers! When I was a child, the large, sweet-natured dog we named Butch liked nothing better than to please everyone. One day he decided that bringing home a whole litter of baby rabbits would be a fun way to amuse his people! I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when she realized that there were a dozen or more tiny weeny rabbits in the middle of the sitting room. Butch had carefully carried each and every baby bunny home in his mouth! We laughed so much as we raced around the house trying to catch the bunnies and return them to the field behind the house where they had come from.

Our pieced blocks this month are called Night Vision, which I chose in memory of Butch. Although dogs don’t have such good night vision as cats, they can see a lot better that we humans can in the dark. Maybe that’s how Butch got to catch all those baby bunnies!