Hugs and Kisses - Month 7 - 7

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July 01, 2010

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"Crossed Leaves" At the center of this month's spray of crossed leaves is a yellow rose. In yesteryears, yellow roses were thought to symbolize unfaithfulness. The meaning probably arose from the yellow rose itself: it has no scent and does not flourish with either extreme care or neglect. The yellow rose has special meaning to the people of Texas. Legend has it that the "Yellow Rose," a young woman held prisoner by General Santa Ana, commander of the Mexican forces, seduced the General just prior to the battle of San Jacinto in 1836. Caught with his pants down, General Santa Ana could not lead his forces into battle. His adversary, General Sam Houston, won the Battle of San Jacinto, just outside of Houston, in short order: in 18 minutes, over 700 Mexican soldiers were killed, 730 were taken prisoner, and only 9 Texans died. The victory led to Texas' declaration of independence from Mexico and the establishment of The Republic of Texas as a sovereign nation. While the legend of the Yellow Rose has been generally debunked, it nonetheless makes for a great tale. But that's enough history for a while; let's make our own history and finish this block in short order!