Hugs and Kisses - Month 6 - 6

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June 01, 2010

Instructions no longer available

"Baby Rose Wreath" Roses have graced all manners of art for centuries - and they can be found on some of the earliest quilts made in America. And why not? According to Flora's Lexicon (1869), "On the day that the beauty of the Rose is perfected, it begins to fade; but each succeeding Spring restores her to us fresh and new.... The emblem of every age; the interpreter of all our sentiments; the rose is mixed up with our festivals, with our joys and our sorrows.... She belongs to Venus, and even is the rival of her beauty; the Rose possesses, like her, charms more lovely than beauty." Let's start working on this month's wreath of roses. After all, every day is a great day to sew!