Hugs and Kisses - Month 1 - 1

Available On:
January 01, 2010

Instructions no longer available

"Simple Crossed Leaves" Hugs and Kisses has a dozen appliqued blocks in it, surrounded by a ruffled swag border. Half of the blocks are crossed leaf sprays that employ applique motifs in the shape of an "X," and half of the blocks are wreaths that use applique motifs in the shape of an "O." The use of X's and O's in writing have come to symbolize hugs and kisses - but why? Early Christians used the X as an indication of a sworn oath; later, the X was used as a signature by persons who couldn't read or write, with the implication that it was also an indication of a sworn oath. Sometimes, the X was kissed, signifying its importance on a document. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest use of "XXX" for kisses was in a 1901 letter. On the other hand, the "O" used in the XOXO of "hugs and kisses," is an American tradition. The O reportedly represents the encircling arms of a hug. In truth, I'm not sure if any of these stories are based on fact. Nonetheless, the symbolism of X's and O's for hugs and kisses exists today, and through this quilt, I send everyone the joy of a warm and friendly hug and kiss!

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