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TOPIC: Clean Up Your Sewing Room!

06 Sep 2008 12:40 #25646

I generally do a "big clean" any time a quilt is finished, or at least "finished for now"-- which recently happened, and this reminds me how nice it IS to work in a clean space. I know it won't stay that way, but at least for the moment...
I have been getting better organized this year (thanks AGAIN Margo!) my stash is more manageable, and I can actually find fabric I want to USE instead of running out for more...

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06 Sep 2008 10:35 #25642

I will happily clean up the sewing room after I finish my next 2 quilts.
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06 Sep 2008 08:49 #25638

I just told my favorite husband that I was being sent to my sewing room to clean it up!!! I told him it was an ORDER!! LOL

I have just rearranged my sewing room. I have cleaned, folded and organized. It really is a pleasure to sew.
I can now see my fabric...which is an obscene amount. I am glad to move everything out of bins and boxes and put it on shelves. No matter how I labeled the storage boxes...I never knew what I had.
This has helped me stop buying repeats of fabric I already own.

It also gave me a chance to clean out my stash. I gave my quilting gals an opportunity to 'shop'. What was left, a local church group accepted my donation. I like that my unused fabric has a new home with those who will put it to good use. My taste in fabric and colors have changed. It has given me the freedom to use the fabric I love and not have the guilt of not using the fabric I have on hand.

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05 Sep 2008 22:30 #25623

  • LadyRags
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Problem is trying to clean quietly.... If I wake up DH there would be Hxxx to pay.... so the room stays dirty till he is off to work... My favorite insomnia cure is to put in one of my OLD MARTHA STEWART tapes from her old show... her delivery is so modulated... I fall asleep every time... the TV is programed to shut itself off.
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Clean Up Your Sewing Room! 05 Sep 2008 19:35 #25612

  • leafy
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We all, sooner or later, seem to end up with a messy sewing room....fabric everywhere, tools scattered about, papers and magazines and spools of thread in teetering piles... (except for ONE person I know, who lives in Goleta, CA -- you know who you are). But, it's often hard to take valuable time away from quiltmaking to straighten things up.

I've found a great way to get things tidy: On those occasional nights when I find myself unable to sleep, instead of lying awake in the dark trying to drop off, I get up and pick up the sewing room! :idea:

After a half hour or 45 minutes, everything is put away, the room is *exceptionally* neat, and I'm ready to go back to bed and fall asleep.

Try it!
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