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TOPIC: Let's Liven Up the Site Again

Let's Liven Up the Site Again 12 Apr 2015 13:39 #129156

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Betty Jo I know you probably mean the Chinese Whisper thread but really anyone is welcome to join in. It's really a gossip place now the blogs have disappeared with quilting challenges thrown in. It's a good place to go off topic rather than confuse some of the more focused threads.

And the New Year Resolution thread is comfortable to show work in progress or completed where you may feel uncomfortable starting a thread to show off your work, or did you do that in the past?

Its a good idea posting more quilts to the gallery with there being no limit now. I only remember to look at it occasionally but will look more regularly now.

This post is a good start to get conversation going :) Perhaps we should start a thread after every show to discuss the content

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Let's Liven Up the Site Again 12 Apr 2015 12:22 #129155

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I am concerned about this wonderful site. First of all, the shows seem just as wonderful as ever..professional, well-done, good guests, great information...and I really hope it will stay around a very long time. I love all the extras too..the classrooms, the dvds, the BOM...but I see things that have concerned me, and some of it has to do with member participation, rather than what the web masters can do.

1) The gallery doesn't have as many quilts being added on a regular basis as it seemed at first. I used to check it daily because so many quilts would be added, but now it seems we don't get so many and once a week seems sufficient to see new quilts. This seems to me that fewer people are joining or participating once they join. If you don't put photos of your quilts on, it's not hard. It's really nice to see them there. There are no quilt police here that will criticize your work, but often you can inspire someone else.

2) The forum seems to have much less participation. There are several things about the forum;;fewer people, people use it kind of like facebook and the topics get very far afield and go on so long that it's hard to follow for members like me who only look once a day or so, or jump in for a new person, but many of the technical problems and things originally not liked by most have been fixed.

3) The old member blogs never have come back. This may be something TQS does not want to restart because it's hard to maintain, or some such. But it would be good to know the answer.

4) There don't seem to be as many participants as there used to be on the Forum. I see a lot of the old members now on Facebook, and it would be nice to see them back on the Forum. I would love to see new members. I would like to see some new fun topics. Let's see if we can keep on topic a little better, and start new ones instead and keep them from running for years, so it gets intimidating to join in.

5) Wouldn't it be fun if all the members put an avatar up? So many just don't. It doesn't have to be a picture of yourself, though I think that is nice, but it's really nice for members to have their avatars.

This site has taught me so much, made me so many friends, been a great resource for getting answers and bragging a little about my own work. I hope it will return to its former liveliness and we will get new members and new quilters and new quilts.


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