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Introducing the 2013 TQS Block of the Month designed by Sue Nickels and Pat Holly! It's called "TWO OF US" and was created by the two of them. The quilt measures 79" x 79" and was completed just in time for Houston.

TOPIC: Applique Question

Re: Applique Question 27 Jun 2013 06:51 #105762

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Hi Rosamond and welcome to the TQS forum. I am so sorry I missed your question when you first posted it :oops:

You asked about how Ricky does his applique. He also does raw edge, fusible applique and his fusible of choice is Steam A Seam II, but it is my understanding that there have been some manufacturing issues and that product is currently not available.

I see that you are a new member to TQS. You might consider purchasing older episodes 803 and 804 to see Ricky create a fused Rhapsody quilt where he shows us all of his tips and tricks for designing and stitching his applique.

Ricky is offering a one time Rhapsody class on the web site and will discuss applique. Info is here: [url]daily-blog/101-ricky/16735-summer-rhapsody-class-fun-fast-fantastic[/url]
However, the class is sold out. The good news is that TQS is opening up Ricky's Create Your Own Rhapsody Quilt - Parts 1 and 2 (Episodes 803 and 804) to everyone from June 18 through September 2.

He also shows his applique in his DVD "Grand Finale" which is available here: http://www.rickytims.com/online-store/dvd-s/grand-finale-dvd-detail

I hope that gives you some useful options!

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Re: Applique Question 27 Jun 2013 02:07 #105747

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I used blanket stitch on the applique pieces of a baby quilt about 7 years ago. It has been in constant used and gets thrown into the washing machine regularly. The quilt is now on its third baby. I saw it a few weeks ago, and it's in surprisingly good nick, no fraying. But the applique pieces were cut from batik fabrics, so the tight weave may possibly help everything to stay in place.
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Applique Question 02 Jun 2013 09:01 #104499

I only jumped into the BOM last month so obviously I'm a few months behind. I'm just now getting to the month 4 appliqué part of the quilt.

I originally learned to machine applique using the method that Margo showed for preparing my pieces. (I am actually a hand applique
person) Surprisingly, I was taught that method by Sue Nichols! I took 2 classes from her in Houston way back when and before she and Pat started using the raw-edged method. I had thought I would try the raw-edged method just to learn something new. However, after watching Margo's video, I started second guessing myself. My question is this...over time, will the raw-edged method hold up as well as the turned edge method?? Or will those raw-edges start to fray even though they are blanket stitched? I still like the look of the blanket stitch on this particular quilt so will probably do that any way I go. Does Ricky do turned appliqué for his pieces or does he use raw-edged?

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