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TOPIC: High speed internet

16 Oct 2008 00:05 #27263

  • LadyRags
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I can only watch on DVD since I have SLOW dial up..... $$$$ is ready to spend for season 2 ... I have and love season one.

So when will Season 2 be ready for purchase??
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15 Oct 2008 21:24 #27256

That is funny Lilo and certainly would stop me lol! But come to think of it I also watch from the livingroom and tried about a month ago from the drive in and it didn't work for me either.
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15 Oct 2008 19:42 #27248

Guess I'm just a home body. I just watch from my living room
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15 Oct 2008 15:39 #27239

ROFLMAO! Too funny, Lilo. :lol:

Pat in Rockport, TX, who prefers the movie theatre
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15 Oct 2008 13:45 #27235

Thanks for letting us know. I have asked Bob to look into the problem. Maybe the drive-in is closed due to the high gas prices. :wink:

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Drive-in Theatre Closed? 15 Oct 2008 12:45 #27230

  • NancyinSTL
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Previously, I had no problems viewing the shows in any of the venues. However, several months ago, the drive-in theatre option stopped working. It just doesn't load like the movie theatre or living room. I didn't report the problem earlier, because I had other options that worked, but now I see that I'm not the only one experiencing the problem. I do not think it's a problem with my PC. Is the drive-in theatre now closed :?:
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14 Aug 2007 11:29 #7433

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one experiencing difficulties... I spent yesterday having computer issues at work, then still couldn't get email at home (still related to my work computer) then I couldn't get the quilt show, I just thought "I'd better do something NOT computer related!
FYI I randomly chose the drive-in, and didn't think to change locations on the second try. Will do that tonight!
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14 Aug 2007 10:24 #7430

I had the same problem. I was trying to watch it on the drive-in screen. When I switched screens, it worked just fine, and I loved the show. I did miss the Gizmo Girl, though, and I miss Ricky's music, too. Hope that reappears in some of the shows from time to time.

Pat in Rockport, TX
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is something wrong? 14 Aug 2007 08:01 #7421

I can not watch episode 108. I could yesterday, but today, when I try, all I get is the Bernina sign, then a funny blue square in the corner. The remote wont let me go anywhere, it is like frozen?
Is it me?
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Don't give up! 13 Aug 2007 07:55 #7380

Ermelin, I can sympathize with you. I was having big problems too, but have you tried the speed test to really check your speed, so that if it is your provider, you could get them to work on it? I have high speed too, but it is often marginal. We are still working on it with our provider, and now I can often enjoy a show. I was caught up, but now I see we have another, 108!

The link to check your speed is at the FAQ tab, but when you get to the screen to take that test, there is another link, and I like it better:

I just tried both tests on mine, and I see that even with numbers in the 380s, I occasionally get a 2-digit number on the first test. If that happens during a show, it can interfere. But the second test gives you one number you can easily take to your provider! And I provided them with the speed test links too.

I also had trouble with the remote gizmo on the screen, mainly because there is such a delay for it to take effect on my computer. I thought nothing was happening, but after impatiently clicking it several times, I later realized it was remembering each click when it repeated as many times as I clicked. I found it was easier to shut the screen down, restart the show and use the chapter button. For those shows where I had no idea what chapter I needed, I just started with the last and worked backward until I got to what I had already seen.

Another thing to think about: There are times when it is just not our provider with the problem. Sometimes there is just a general slow down for some reason. At those times, whether it is email, surfing, or whatever, when I notice there is a persistent, undesirable change in the way things are working, I shut the screen down and reopen and start over. If that doesn't fix it, I reboot. I think several of us in the chat rooms have also seen that sometimes we are all feeling some kind of a sporadic, intermittent problem at the same time (double posts, losing our connection, people leaving the room when they never left, nothing happening when we click send) so it is not our own computers, and may well be a net problem that, at the moment, we can do nothing about except try again another time.

The following may not apply to your system, but just in case, here is more that helps me:
I have also found that when my provider has been working on the system, or if it has been acting bad (I don't always know when they are working on it), I need to "reset" everything. (I am not directly hooked into a DSL line but get it over a radio signal to my house.) That means I turn turn off the power and unplug the power wire and radio signal wire for my high speed line and the wireless router. Then I reboot the computer. (Coming back from hibernating does not do it.) When the computer complains about not finding the network, I reconnect the wires and make the computer search for the network. At that point I have "reset" everything, and for me, the difference is almost always noticeable. This last procedure has helped me the most. Maybe there is a way for you to do something comparable for your system.

Keep trying!

from the sticks of SE OK
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12 Aug 2007 22:01 #7369

I hate it, hate it hate it! :oops: I have high speed broadband and still I cannot watch a full episode. Fastforward never works and then I give up and try again later and it take forever to get to the chapter that I was on. :x I don't have 3 hrs. to watch a show so I give up. I am sorry I ordered this! :(
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29 Jul 2007 21:42 #6941

No worries Ricky! Didn't take it the wrong way at all. Have a good night. :D
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high speed internet 29 Jul 2007 21:24 #6940

I really dont have anything to say about the speed etc of the computers and the internet except to say I wish I understood it better and I sure hope to have a computer that belongs to me soon. This loaner is a pain and I sure hope the thief who took mine from Circuit City is truly frustrated because mine had pass words to enter most everything. Mostly I want to say to Ricky ---- so glad you are home and I hope you get some rest. I miss your Rhapsody blogs as do many others but we need you so get your rest and recoup your energy for a little while bacause you are no good to any of us if you get sick. So welcome back and make sure to behave yourself. Hugs from a perpetual worry wart mom currently traveling in MN. Ann (ps. loved the pictures of your mom and dad on the slide show am looking forward to seeing them in a couple of months)
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29 Jul 2007 21:09 #6939

  • RickyTims
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Hi Super,

That might have sounded unfriendly - sorry. Didn't mean for it to. It is all very complicated and hard to explain, so I won't try. Just know that the ability to jump forward without downloading is really great and didn't exist last year. The instant delivery of the show is by far the best way to go. I do hope you'll eventually get a faster speed. Ricky, in a very cool, sweater weather, rainy, La Veta, Colorado.
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