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TOPIC: New video format

16 May 2010 06:36 #45775

I'm on the other side of this fence. My picture quality is just fine with the new format and I don't have any of the problems I see mentioned here. I did have some problems with the old format, with the picture being choppy and the audio was way ahead. ICK! After my puter had problems I got a new video card, more memory and then a new hard drive(actually cheaper then new puter) as the old one crashed completely while the techies had it. Have not noticed any problems since then and I was finally able to watch video's on Quilter's Network and I could not watch them at all. Hopefully your problems will be fixed soon. Sandi in FL
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16 May 2010 03:18 #45773

Ditto the last two posts. It's the bad quality of picture that is still the problem. And it does make for queasy watching as well as missing out on a lot of the program because of lack of detail. :cry:

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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15 May 2010 22:59 #45768

  • NancyinSTL
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My speed usually hovers around 300kbps, but drops sometimes to as low as 180. So, I have had problems with the buffering. However, the buffering problems do seem to have improved a bit since the initial conversion to the new format. It could be a lot better, but for now it's tolerable.

The picture continues to pixelate making it look like I'm watching the show through someone else's prescription lenses. It's bothersome, but I'm hopeful that TQS will continue to work out the kinks. I don't think this problem is with my PC, because I watch TV via Media Center and do not have this problem with any other videos that I watch online.
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15 May 2010 06:56 #45752

FYI after reading Johns comments on the forum I tried "Firefox" and it made a huge difference, I no longer have the talking stop and start at all, and I use the slower speed.

I still have the picture blurring when they move around and I don’t why that happens as I don’t understand these things a lot, any comments on this.

Regards Jill - Australia
:) :) :)

Taree NSW - Australia
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New Video Format 14 May 2010 21:50 #45749

I too am getting very frustrated with the new format. I have a newer computer - Vista - and ordinarily don't have much problem with speed. While I like the idea of the bigger screen, the constant buffering drives me crazy!! It would be nice if one could hit pause and give the video time to load and then play it. That way it would be a smooth show instead of starts and stops.
I love the quilt show and find it to be a great resource, but it takes so long to get through a show that it hinders the enjoyment of it.

I sure hope something can be done to improve the feed.

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Old and New Format 04 Apr 2010 12:08 #44571

We have been working with the new format and have found the following so far:

If you have an older machine the problems come from either not having the latest version of Adobe Flash or a speed that is less than 200 kbps. Test your speed and get Flash on our navigation bar at Help>FAQ>test...speed.

If you had a problem and it got fixed please post a reply and let us know how you did it.

On newer machines, we have found that Adobe does not have a flash that works with Internet Explorer 64. When viewers go to Explorer 32 (which comes with Vista and Windows 7) it corrects the problem. Or use Firefox or Chrome. Just Google "Firefox" or "Chrome" and you will see the download area. They are both good and safe.

People using Linux have problems we still don't understand.

I have contacted my editor and we are looking at offering both the old and new versions. We wanted to try to make the new version work for everyone before we switched to both formats because it doubles the confusion, processing time and cost.

If you are still having problems send me an email at mailto:thequiltshow@gmail.com and I am sending the information off to Ooyala, our new video provider. Thank you for your patience.
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04 Apr 2010 09:40 #44567

I've tried both the slower and faster internet speed settings and neither works well. Lots of I.i.i.i.i. just to say one letter. The class room videos of Patsy Thompson are so annoying that I just don't watch them. Since the video in the old format was satisfactory, this is definitely a step backward for me. In other words, I really, REALLY dislike it. And I have a high speed internet connection!
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04 Apr 2010 09:19 #44566

  • LadyRags
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I thought there were choices in place so you could pick the format that suits your computer. Have you tried switching to the slow internet connection ( right upper corner window drop down) I found that it was slower to load the program but it ran smoother when I watched... decrease start/stops. stuttering...
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New Format 03 Apr 2010 19:35 #44565

  • MEMA1
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I get a lot of Ttttthhhhheeeee stuttering when someone is speaking. After about 5 tries, the word comes out, but it is very disconcerting!........and I HATE THE NEW FORMAT TOO!!!
Quiltingly yours,
From the beautiful
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South-east Utah!
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03 Apr 2010 15:33 #44564

I haven't encountered that but I still hate the new format.

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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02 Apr 2010 18:42 #44551

  • Lorchen
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Ferret, I have had no problems at all (I'm on broadband with BT. but my computer is quite old).

From the edge of Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood
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New video format 02 Apr 2010 11:42 #44550

Is anyone else having problems with the new video format? When I try to watch either of the latest two videos I get that they will be available either in 14??? days or 1 minute, but they should be ready now. I can still watch old episodes in the old format, it's just the new ones I can't watch.

Yes I have contacted tech support, I was just wanted to know if anyone else has run into this.

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