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TOPIC: Fixing the leaking iron

Fixing the leaking iron 16 May 2020 06:27 #147696

Ladywingnut, I agree.

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Fixing the leaking iron 15 May 2020 23:07 #147694

  • Ladywingnut
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In my opinion, an iron is a iron. I never put water in my iron, I only put water in a spray bottle. That way I have steam when I need it and never water leaks which I don't need ever
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Fixing the leaking iron 15 May 2020 06:54 #147689

  • HelenW
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sewing_lady, I have had the same problem with my Rowenta DG8020 Steam Irons, but like you, I like them so much I just live with it until something goes
wrong and then get a new one. I have found the cost to ship them back and get them fixed is often so much it is just better to get a new one, especially if out of warranty.
I have found if you clean them as the directions advise that can help. Since it is only a couple months old I would try to get them to cover it under the
warranty. Amazon is great that way. If you are dealing directly with Rowenta they will probably make you pay for the shipping and insuring it to be
sent back to them for repair or replace. I was thinking, with no proof, that maybe water in the steam hose cools after use, and then when you
start it back up that just comes out as water, not steam once it has warmed up. If you want to live with it, I put a hand towel on the end of the ironing board and hit
the steam into the hand towel before using. That usually takes the water out and then it does not leak while using it. But if you let it sit for awhile again you will get water in with
the steam. I assume you have using the type of water they suggest, and all their little suggestions that never worked for me. It is a very common problem if you
google it. But the steam irons are so good for the steam they put it out when working correctly I just keep buying them. HelenW
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Fixing the leaking iron 15 May 2020 04:39 #147688

Ladies, I have a strange question. My Rowenta focus (steam iron I bought it several moths ago) started leaking and I just noticed that - while staying up late to finish my projects.
Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to fix this without sending it back to the manufacturer?
I'm really upset with this as I liked this iron so much.

UPD: had to return it, from what I found it seems that I'm not the only one with such a problem. I'll try Black and Decker instead.
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