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TOPIC: attaching crystals to quilts

Re: attaching crystals to quilts 21 Oct 2012 08:35 #90458

  • rehak
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I have a tool like the Bedazzler that Dawn mentions except that the end is flat so it doesn't pick up the crystal. Instead, you do like Dawn does and set the crystal on the quilt and then touch it with the tool for about 8 seconds (more or less, depending on the size of the crystal). It does take a while, but I kind of enjoy putting them on one by one. I got mine at Michael's. I've gotten crystals at Fire Mountain Gems and Cheri's Crystals (http://cheriscrystals.com/). I'll have to try Sue's Sparklers. Looks like they have some fun stuff!

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Re: attaching crystals to quilts 20 Oct 2012 23:15 #90451

  • Scoopie
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Right up my alley! I have been called the "Bling Queen," but seriously if you ever go to the really big shows, you will see thousands of crystals on just one quilt. The wand you are referring to is a Bedazzler. Yahoo Search or Google it, and you can find out who sells them, on-line and in stores. Personally, I don't have one and have always used the tip of my craft iron. Or the side of my iron if I want to heat set a few at a time. A Bedazzler only heats up one crystal at a time. You place your crystal into the tip of the wand, let it heat up, (the glue on the backside turns liquid) then apply it to your quilt or garment. Instead, I place 6 or 8 crystals down at a time, touch the tip of my iron (set on medium) to one crystal, and slowly count to 7 and move on to the next, etc. It is much faster. I just need to be careful not to 'push' the crystal. Just touch it. I also need to be careful not to let the rest of the iron rest on the quilt, so as not to scorch it or melt poly threads. With a little practice this is a really quick way to apply lots of crystals!

You said you bought "self stick" crystals. Did you mean heat activated crystals? Some people also call them hot fix crystals, like Sue's Sparklers (suessparklers.com). This is my favorite shop for Swarovski crystals! Fire Mountain (.com) is another one. Have fun! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

In beautiful Northwest Montana
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attaching crystals to quilts 20 Oct 2012 20:00 #90450

I would like to try attaching crystals to my quilting wallhanging. I have no idea how to go about this. I had looked at a demo online which used some sort of wand. I looked around at JoAnn Fabrics today, but couldn't find anything. I bought some self-stick crystals, but have no idea just how these adhere. Has anyone used these?
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