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TOPIC: Best Washers and Dryers for Quilts

07 Jan 2009 07:56 #30725

We bought the TOL Whirlpool Duet pair 2 1/2 years ago. It is a front loader, which I thought I would just love. And I do have to say it does a fantastic job. I can wash my queen size quilts with no problem. However, I don't have them on a pedestal as there is a window in the laundry above the washer/dryer, and I use to the tops for folding, etc. And it is a bit of a pain to be constantly bending over to get things out. So if you go with a front loader, get the pedestals.
Maggie in E. Central Illinois
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06 Jan 2009 15:18 #30704

Hi Ruth! I have to vote for my Fisher & Paykel set. Lowe's carries them. The company has been in the commercial Laundry bussiness for years(our hospital had their machines). The feature I really like is the top load washer has only 3 moving parts(yep, that's right..no belts and stuff to wear out). That the machine spins the clothes a 1000rpm...they are virtually dry when I put them in the dryer! Now the dryer is the coolest part of the set! It's a "top" loading dryer! It's wonderful, I never have to bend over to get the clothes out. The other very nice feature is the dryer tumbles like a normal dryer for about 4 minutes then...it reverses it's direction and
tumbles in the opposite direction for about 2 minutes. My clothes are never wrinkled, towels are never twisted, nice and fluffy. I have even washed 3 yards of fabric and it wasn't twisted! I'm sold on my set. Here is a link to their site.

Hope that helps your quest!
Debbie S.

Longview, Washington USA

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06 Jan 2009 14:47 #30702

I have the Bosch Nexxt 800 series, there's a "comforter" cycle that works really well on large loads. I absolutely love this washing machine! There is also a sanitary cycle that runs forever and heats the water up and it's just killer for whites. I am very pleased with this set.

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Best Washers and Dryers for Quilts 06 Jan 2009 11:50 #30692

My old washer and dryer are on their last legs. I want a new pair that will be appropriate for washing my large quilts, prewashing fabrics etc. I've looked at the new larger top loaders and front loaders, but I wonder what will really work best. What about the new steam models? Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.
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