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TOPIC: Terry Sandelin Miniatures 511 - A few questions

Found C&T brand vellum at LQS 25 May 2010 07:27 #46009

I found the C&T Simple brand paper she recommends yesterday at a LQS and will try that on my next one and report back. Making this little quilt was so much fun. Now I can practice some of my quilting on these without having to wrestle a huge quilt.
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25 May 2010 04:30 #46003

  • beckyezra
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1. your glue dot, can be ironed and it is great way to do that, if you want more information you can see on sharon schamber lessons how does she use it.
2. -
3. you had your lesson (as i did) :(

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24 May 2010 15:56 #45987

  • ajclapp
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I've used several different vellums with some success but I believe the Simple Foundations vellum absorbs the ink better. I usually use a glue stick instead of glue dots. Try not to put glue on the seam line if that's possible and pull the glued fabric away from the paper as soon as the seam is sewn. Using a larger needle and a very short stitch and folding each seam line after the seam is sewn will help when removing the paper. My experience with a laser printer is it shrinks the design so I always use an inkjet printer.
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24 May 2010 15:35 #45985

  • ritzy
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Well, I am not familiar with what you are doing but maybe I can help with the glue part. I use Elmer's washable school glue and have no trouble. I put the glue where I need it, then put the pieces together and hit it with a hot iron. The iron dries the glue and you have no glue where it doesn't belong. As far a the ink on your vellum--I don't know.
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Terry Sandelin Miniatures 511 - A few questions 24 May 2010 08:12 #45978

I just made a miniature from the book Miniatures In Minutes featured in episode 511. I had a few questions I was hoping someone might could answer.

1. I am using the Roxanne's glue, very little dots; however, I am still getting build up on my machine feed dogs. I have not done applique with this type of product so I have no experience with it. Is this normal? Should I simply let it dry each time before sewing - boy that would take a long time. I don't want to ruin my machine. Should I try a little alcohol and a soft brush to clean it?

2. I used a translucent vellum but could not find the Simple brand locally that she recommends. My paper would not come off easily with the seam lines so close together (tiny squares on these little gems). Any recommendations? Try the Simple vellum brand or other? I spray misted it as suggested but had the ink run a bit (see below).

3. I see in her book to use a laser copier/printer. I had used my inkjet before I saw this note. When I wet the piece to try and release the glue I did have some smearing. It was ok because my fabric was dark. Is this not a problem with a different brand paper? Will Kinkos or other places let you run through vellum? I ended up having to completely soak my piece to get all of the paper and glue to release.

Sorry for all of the questions. I really love how this little quilt turned out and want to make more so I'm trying to get these little kinks worked out. Thanks so much.
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