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TOPIC: Celebrating TQS Support

31 Jan 2010 19:27 #43058

  • Rmb57
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I can't say what this site means to me there are no words. I joined last may and have not regreted one moment of it. I was telling a friend the other day that I would never get pay TV (cable) as all I would want to watch would be quilting shows and now I have you guys on the computer when and where I want. I get more from your site and shows than all the classes I have been to over the years. The talented guest and the variety are fantastic. Also the sections on how to that both of you do is great, I have really learnt a lot. Problem is I always then end up buying one of the books or products and they often have to come from the US eg. I have bought Anelie Belden's book on the Dresden and just today Carol Doaks Mariners Compass Star's arrived. I do however try to buy my fabric in Oz to keep local businesses alive. (if you know of a distributer of either of your lines here could you let me know)My DH is always telling me that there is another package for me at the postoffice. I hardly go to classes anymore except 1 day courses where i meet up with freinds. I think of all the waste of time packing and unpacking and travelling. ( I live in a rural area). Thank you thank you thank you. I wouldn't mind paying a few extra dollars for membership just to keep up with the times (think of all the petrol (gas) and class fees you ae saving me. Rondie :D :D :D :D
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29 Jan 2010 00:32 #42977

Hi Ricky,

As a newbie i just love the TQS and will be ever so grateful for all the hard work that goes into this wonderful site, i just love it all.
I have just started my first BOM (Star Crazy) and think its great as its taking me out of my comfort zone. You and Alex are an inspiration to us all i feel.

Hugs to all the staff at TQS

Taree NSW - Australia
My motto in life: live by the three GGG’s - be Grateful, be Gracious, be Gorgeous to yourself
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28 Jan 2010 18:07 #42971

Quilters are powerful people. Quilters are truly a family and keeping in touch thru The Quilt Show is fabulous.

Coast of South Carolina USA
Sewing/Quilting on my Viking Sapphire 870
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28 Jan 2010 08:53 #42958

  • eileenkny
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I joined way back when..............Like Dana, I never thought of how this site would change my life. I find myself telling people about something I may have seen; when they ask me where I tell them about this great site I've been a member of for 3 years now. :o

I don't talk here as much as I used to because the topics have really taken off. You folks are my extended family out there in cyberspace!! :D

from the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY
Gammill Classic Plus w/IQ
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27 Jan 2010 21:54 #42943

"Amen Amen Amen"
'I Love TQS'
((Thank you Everyone)) !
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27 Jan 2010 17:20 #42937

Amen, Amen! So glad to hear that you are making some profit!

Maggie in E. Central Illinois
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26 Jan 2010 14:55 #42913

  • Libbi
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Ditto to everything written. :D

Looking out the window at Lake Leman in beautiful Switzerland
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26 Jan 2010 13:39 #42911

  • suehenyon
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If you read this, would you be willing to post a list of addresses for your company sponsors so we would know where to send letters of appreciation? That would save your dedicated fans time, but get those letters written.
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26 Jan 2010 11:40 #42905

I'm another one who joined Jan 1, 2007, several months before there would be a show--because I knew these were top-notch people who would do all they could to create a great "product". Little did any of us know we would be a community--count me as another who gets far more than she gives from this organization.

The best thing those of us who are satisfied can do is the spread the word and encourage others to join. Just last week someone asked me "is it really worth the money?" and I gave her more reasons than she planned on hearing about why it is definitely worth the money.

Thanks so much to ARJJ and all the wonderful sponsors for TQS!


North Alabama, USA
"I am a part of all that I have met" A. Lord Tennyson
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26 Jan 2010 09:14 #42900

  • shirlm
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I'm in the amen corner! Wish I had joined sooner, but looking enthusiastically to the future......Shirley

Shreveport, Louisiana
Bernina 440QE
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26 Jan 2010 04:50 #42892

  • pam7040
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Amen,amen,amen. I am part of a worldwide quilting community here, which has changed my life. I have friends around the world, we support one another through the good times and the bad. I have had the great pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people on tqs staff and fellow tqs members at Houston last year. (DH asked if I would like to cross the pond for the show, he's a keeper!)
I log on to TQS at least twice a day if not more to keep up to date.


In leafy Berkshire, south of England.
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26 Jan 2010 04:40 #42891

Add me to the AMEN crowd! I've been a star member from day one. First thing I look at each morning. Great job ARJJ! Jan
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26 Jan 2010 00:43 #42886

  • KakeM
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From day 1 of my membership in TQS I began a new life which is more fully satisfying to me in the creative sense than I could have imagined. I look far ahead and find more and more excitement as I develop new skills as a quilter. This I directly attribute to the TQS family and those wonderful people who share with us their unique talent with fabric, thread and imagination. I have only praise and admiration to ARJJ for their having built this website and given it their all.....for our education and inclusion into their world of creativity. To me this is over the top and I thank every one involved in the day to day workings of TQS. Any improvement in my skills as a quilter has come to be via this wonderful world of internet learning. And then there is the family of quilters who have become my friends. I know that no matter what my state of being is at any particular time I always have someone to turn to in times of need...be it technical, artistic, personal or emotional.....and above all the happy, loving, smiling way we are there for each other. To all I send a big warm hug and a satisfied sigh of content. Whoo Hoo TQS!!! :D :D :D

Living in the beautiful Carson Valley of Western Nevada
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25 Jan 2010 21:24 #42878

I've said most of the above a multitude of times. I won't list the "let me count the ways" just add AMEN. Gloria
Oh sure there I am at the top of the page with no above.
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