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TOPIC: I like THE QUILT SHOW because .......

03 Jun 2008 07:24 #19134

  • eileenkny
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This site has become like a coffee clache(sp?)for me. But it's really better-I don't feel like I have to talk if I don't want to. I can just sit back and "listen" to all the conversations without the sound pounding on my ears. :)
I check back several times a day to see what all my new friends are up to in their lives. I love that we talk about lots of things, not just quilting; although it is a continuous thread that binds us all together. :wink:
Okay, I'm getting a little sappy here. I'll stop now :oops:
eileenkny 8)

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03 Jun 2008 06:12 #19133

I agree with the sentiments that have already been expressed, and also find it fascinating to watch this show and community grow and evolve.....to think where it/we were 18 months ago and see where it is now is just incredible! I, too, find it addictive.......could probably get more quilting done if I spent less time "checking in" to see what's new....but that's OK for now. When I retire and have more free time I'll be able to do both to my heart's content! I have been so inspired and moved by many of the stories and all of the support shown for those reaching out asking for guidance, inspiration, and with personal issues. Until TQS I didn't really understand how someone could spend so much time/energy on the internet, but now I've found my niche, and I totally get it! Keep it up, ARJJ, you are on to something huge!!
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03 Jun 2008 05:40 #19130

  • sandytn
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All of the above. I have always been a loner and the quilt show was a way of joining but only when I wanted to. It has sucked me in. I check in numerous times a day and I am doing more project that I ever dreamed of. I am learning to machine quilt and trying new products and techniques. The projects site just added will become addictive. I want to do all three currently posted. I ordered Ricky's The Family Tree of Life which will be my first convergence quilt. So much to do and so little time to do it. Sandy in TN
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03 Jun 2008 00:19 #19121

  • Libbi
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I like TQS not only because it gives us great information, is entertaining, allows us to meet each other and share our knowledge and work, etc., but also because it provides us the opportunity to meet and listen to some amazing women who have created a business out of what they love to do. These women write, teach, some publish, design not only quilts but products that help the rest of us create better and better projects of our own. I don't mean to slight the men involved in quilting as a profession. There is something special about as a woman listening to these other women who are role models and not just for quilters. These are can-do women who inspire others to go out and do our thing.

I say "bravo/brava" to TQS for showcasing these women to the world.

Looking out the window at Lake Leman in beautiful Switzerland
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02 Jun 2008 23:32 #19120

I Love TQS and my many friends, Alex & Ricky and the complete staff and guest "thank you everyone" I've learnt alot from you everyone. I truely owe you everyone a debt of gratitude through out the process of everyones teaching,
I've learnt from you everyone, the inspiration is never ending.
Thank You Everyone,Kathy
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I like THE QUILT SHOW because ....... 02 Jun 2008 22:49 #19116

The main reason I like TQS if because they are ..... here; available; full of information and fun to watch. :lol: I don't know what the T.V. producers are thinking about but they aren't offering anything to watch. I was dissapointed when 'Simply Quilts' was ended and other art, craft, you do it programs also ended or changed. I watch my computor more than I watch T.V. anymore. THE QUILT SHOW has perked up my abillity to watch and learn new things that I like. I have just recently found the forum and like all the caring and sharing people on it. Thank you to everyone that is involved in making this available. I am amazed at how many things are offered and all the high tech stuff (it is for me!) at the touch of a button! This is great!! :roll:
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