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TOPIC: 204 - would you do it?!?!

04 Apr 2008 13:36 #16758

Have done it, will do it again, lol. :lol: If you look at my profile the one called "A Life full of diversity" you will see in the trunk of the tree there are lots of little bits, but particularly there is a four patch kinda tucked in there. (its hard to find, its pink and yellow and up toward the top - it got cut almost in half when I cut out the template) My daughter sewed that patch when she was 4 !I know it is there and that makes it special. Also the striped background was peiced from left over strips from a log cabin project. I just put them all together, then layed the templates on top of the peiced strips and cut them out from the created fabric. Thats how I did the trunk too, but with scraps built up around that four patch!!
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03 Apr 2008 20:19 #16684

I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD on my tv, where it's easier on the eyes than watching on the computer monitor. Also there won't be those awful stops and starts that I experience on the internet. When I fast forward, it will actually work!

I just received an email from John that says they are "approving the jacket printing this weekend". He also said, "Alex hasn't been patient at all!" It's hard to be patient when you want to see something that people have been talking about for a year!

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03 Apr 2008 15:43 #16658

Anna you'd better plan on taking a few days off from work when that DVD arrives! I expect I'll want to do the same & I've already seen the shows, but I think watching them on a larger screen will be truly pleasant, not to mention I'm sure I'll see things I didn't even see the first time around!
I think your point about bargello, etc. is right on target. Really any quick-piecing technique is kind of the same thing, make it big then cut it up & put it back together!
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03 Apr 2008 07:48 #16634

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Indian Seminole Block

Disappering Nine Patch


Are all blocks are based on the making a block and then cutting it up technique. I enjoy that type of sewing as the designs can become very intericate.

I did not get to see the show as I have DIAL UP and can not access ths show at all. I am looking forward to when they finally release the show to DVD. Then maybe I will know what you guys are talking about.


Happy Sewing
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02 Apr 2008 19:40 #16589

I bought both of Louisa's books and both sets of templates. I can't wait to jump into cutting up the strip sets. Makes me nervous though, all those curves, but I love the look of the circles. Gloria
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02 Apr 2008 11:00 #16545

That's cool, that your daughter taught it to you. I can see where it would create some very unusual designs, but I can't get past cutting it up :lol:

I know I'll need to try it - at least once!
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02 Apr 2008 10:46 #16543


My Daughter showed me this technique, she learnt this in her quilting guild afew years ago. She would sew afew scrap pieces together then cut up the square then sew it back together. It is funny that we would sew a block together then cut it up to sew again. Though they can make some pretty designs doing this technique.
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204 - would you do it?!?! 02 Apr 2008 07:54 #16536

I don't watch the shows in order - I really jump around to what I feel like checking out at any given time. Based on a comment that 204 was hard to follow, I was curious and jumped right into it.

My thoughts - I followed it fine, but I cringed when I realized Louisa had a finished block that she was cutting up! I enjoyed looking at her quilts and the different methods of sewing curves was quite helpful. I have a mental block against curves that I really, really need to tackle!!

Anyway - I started wondering how many people would cut up finished blocks to make a new block with a different design. Its a great concept and has so many possibilities... it just raises another block for me to tackle :lol:
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