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TOPIC: 'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here!

Re: 'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here! 01 Feb 2013 01:27 #96572

  • beckyezra
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hi all,
i wish i knew what and how to help
have the same problem like every body else
hang on there.
i find some times words of encouragement just make me elevated to be more angry
so i really dont know what to say...because i know how i would feel....
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Re: 'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here! 01 Feb 2013 01:09 #96570

  • twiglet
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Lorchen it's your managers problem not yours we know you are a great person. I've not known you long but I know that!

It's good you have shared once with your boy, sometimes it does them good to support you and realise you are vulnerable as well as a rock and support for them which I'm sure you were when you had problems.

I know that you don't want to do it often because it will affect them the same as when you carried their burdens when they were down. I always found my boys told me how bad they were feeling about something and I fretted for them and they forgot to tell me they were ok again! :roll:

Come and tell us about your rotten line manager. I find writing it all down then tearing up the paper helps, it's not as fattening. Now where's the chocolate :D

Mug rugger and lounge lizard
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Re: 'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here! 31 Jan 2013 23:50 #96567

  • lotti
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Stress, boredom and hormones. My thyroid makes the hormone balance go haywire and those PMS food cravings or pregnancy cravings can appear at any time. I can feel genuinely starved (and not for chocolate, but for anything carby that is around). When stressed or bored these are really difficult to handle. :? :(
My main solution is to keep busy... Especially keep hands busy when watching tv, listening to music, chatting with friends, even reading a book. If hands are busy they cannot shove food into my mouth. Hence the importance of having an on-the-go project that I ENJOY with me all the time. It calms me down, keeps hands occupied and gives pleasure all at the same time. Sometimes people have difficulties understanding that I can chat, listen and think while I'm sewing. But those who know me well, now know that having me sitting in a restaurant or lounge or bar with them also means watching me work on my latest sewing project, and selecting seats with the bet lighting available in the room. They have come to realize that I CAN join in their conversations and sew - quilters are multi-tasking -and so are good organizers. :P
But the moment I decide I'm too tired to pick up a project, those cravings try to take over :twisted:
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Re: 'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here! 31 Jan 2013 18:36 #96563

I'm with you, Lorchen! I can totally relate!

I have so many triggers that I don't want to list them. You will think that I am a basket case!

I usually run for the ice cream. Lately, it is been reaching for the box of chocolate candy left from Christmas. Sometimes it is choosing cheese and crackers rather than an apple and peanut butter for a snack.

I do give myself the treat of a square of dark chocolate one time each day. When I bake a sweet treat for my husband, I allow myself one small piece. I can usually leave the rest of it alone. I also allow myself a little ice cream one time a week.

If I am feeling good about life, I can easily choose a large salad for lunch. If I am weighed down with unwanted thoughts or feelings, lunch is leftovers from the previous day. I try to eat only one meal that has more calories and carbs than the rest of the meals of the day.

I try to stay away from corn chips. If I have one, I automatically go back for a dozen more.

It is a daily battle to eat right and exercise. I am determined to never be overweight again!
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'Danger Point' - If Help Needed, Post Here! 31 Jan 2013 16:29 #96559

  • Lorchen
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I'm starting this thread because it may help some of us who are trying to become healthier,and now and then encounter similar situations to what happened to me today, and then want to react in a predictable way.

I find that I can stick to a healthy eating plan until my stress levels are pushed up. When that happens I want to 'reward' myself with food (anything sweet, or nuts, or cheese on crackers for me) because I know it calms me down. To resist this urge is soooooo hard.

If you recognize what I have described, please, post here. I know there'll be some supportive comments really soon, and it's much easier to cope when you have friends who give you strength - even when they are thousands of miles away.

I'm writing this tonight because I had a horrible day at work (long story) and know that the problems (caused by my line manager) will continue tomorrow. I'm ok after a long phonecall with one of my sons, but I don't always want to involve my boys. It's my problem, not theirs.

Anyway...... fortunately I gave all 'unsuitable' food to friends and family in September, and I'm too tired to go out and get a Chinese, or Chicken Biryani, or pick up a chocolate and toffee roulade from the super market.

So, what are your triggers that make you run for the chocolate cake or bottle of red wine?

Enough ramblings for tonight. I'm off to bed......... And thanks for listening!
From the edge of Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood
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