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Join us on a 12-month floral bouquet journey as we bring you a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Sue Garman.

TOPIC: Finding our own way with Stars For A New Day

27 May 2009 23:51 #35609

  • Keith
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No regrets here... except maybe one. And it's happening right now.

I'm making mine with mostly scraps and a few larger pieces from my stash - I'm not purchasing anything for my BOM2009. And I'm using some orphan blocks and UFO's - which means I'm customizing a little.

For example, I'm using some orphan applique blocks for the 6" blocks we're doing right now. So I'm not sharing in the trials and tribulations that others are going through. I can cut my applique blocks to the exact 6 1/2 inches I need. As a result, I don't quite feel like I belong. And I'm not learning all the things I could be learning from the BOM.

I am going to do the geese and I'm doing the border stars just like the Sue's great pattern so I'll fit in better in another couple months.

I'm so happy I'm doing the BOM - I just feel like I'm cheating a bit... And actually I think that's okay. My quilts are my own little world. :D
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Finding our own way with Stars for a New Day 27 May 2009 23:07 #35606

I finished through May yesterday, and have the rest of the Sawtooth Stars ready to sew. I found a secret. While visiting my grands (boy-girl twins who just turned 10) I let them sew on the lines of the blocks I had taken with me. After I did the cutting, some during a 13 hour boat ride while getting their new boat to their marina which included 7 hours on the ocean), I found my grandson loved helping me pull off the paper. We did that at two of his sister's soccer games and during the ocean part of our trip. He even said if I had more to do I should send them to him and he would pull off the paper and send them back. I told him this quilt, the first I have ever made for our bed, will be filled with love with all his help. I'll be gone several weeks through the summer so I am trying to complete the outer blocks in the next few weeks. My goal is to have it ready for Christmas. I'm using the quilt fabrics due to time constraints but wish I had worked through my stash. Congratulations to all who are doing that.
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27 May 2009 22:31 #35604

  • ajclapp
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No regrets yet on the 2009 BOM except for the fact that I have 2 in progress, a king size and a lap quilt. My regrets may come later in the year when it's holiday time and I don't have time to finish them. I will probably skip ahead on the king size since I'm doing the final rounds differently so I won't be under so much pressure. I'm making lots of flying geese in place of some of the half-square triangles. Maybe some regrets on the 2008 BOM. I'm trying to finish it this week before my company arrives for a month. My blocks are finished and all of the pieces are cut for the sashing. I'm putting off doing other things that I really should be doing instead, but it will all be worth it to see the finished quilt.
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Re: Finding our own way with Stars For A New Day 27 May 2009 19:13 #35600

  • Margo
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kmouse wrote:
As Frank Sinatra sings, "Regrets.....I've had a few.."

KMouse, I think you just mean "I'll do it MY WAY!" :lol:

I'm glad that you haven't given up on the project, but have found what works for you. I hope you enjoy the process from now on!

It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter
That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived !
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27 May 2009 16:24 #35596

kmouse, it sounds like you have had an....educational year! I wish you luck!

In February my daughter got married, and faced with the prospect of friends and family seeing my house for the very first time, I panicked! All of my stash was in the family room. All over it! Then I got a latte, then I got a plan. I hired someone else to clean! Then I went through every fabric in my stash, wrapped it around my 5 X 24 ruler, and stacked it neatly on the shelf by color. Now when I want a particular color, it is easy...and things stack right back. Of course, the whites, bieges, and Christmas fabrics are stacked every which way on the other shelf, but I guess the other daughter will have to get married first. (She is 15.) All the itty bitty scraps I put in a shoe tree. (Turns out all the yellow is there!)

I highly recommend this -- it has made my life so simple!

I can send a picture it you want. One day I will put it on my profile, but right now I have to take my daughter to the orthodontist and I will probably forget.
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27 May 2009 15:56 #35595

  • ritzy
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Don't know that I regret starting but I wish that I had use flying geese in some of the place with HSTs.
Blessing from Northwest Indiana, USA
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27 May 2009 13:17 #35592

I'm still finishing up the 2008 BOM! I wouldn't say I regret starting the 2009, but all I've gotten done is the center star, and making a pile of fabrics to pull the rest from! I probably won't get back to it until later this summer, but I know it will get done, probably in 2010! Kathy B.
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Finding our own way with Stars For A New Day 27 May 2009 11:42 #35589

  • kmouse
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As Frank Sinatra sings, "Regrets.....I've had a few.."

Does anyone have any regrets starting the 2009 BOM? I know that I have about a million of them ...all in the shape and size of 1 1/2" half triangles!! :lol: If I didn't love, love, love my Feathered Star (thanks Sherry), I would have moved on weeks ago.

I finished piecing the larger March pinwheels but have yet to attach them to the quilt center. Can one screw up pinwheels? Yep. But they are done at last.

My sewing room is a disaster. Since I am working with my stash, I have spent LOTS of time sorting through it and pulling about piles of fabrics..now all on top of my storage shelves. I will try to have it in an organized pile for the entire year while we work our way through this project. :roll:

My biggest "not gonna do this" moment came after cutting the odd pieces for paper pieced triangles. The first time I did HSTs, I did it Sue's way. Chop, cut, peel of paper, then piece the suckers together. I understand the technique and it works fine. But I personally hate chopping off odd shapes from my yardage and prefer cutting off strips. I guess it's a personal thing and I could cut off the entire 7" or so sized strip and use it up in future months. But if I didn't use them again, I am left storing odd sized pieces inside my stash piece or another spot. The smaller my scrap yardage the more likely it gets wrinkled, squished and overlooked.

I tried the Thangles paper pieced patterns for my first 6" April star block. They work well with larger pieces and I can cut 1 1/2" strips off yardage for both squares and HST shapes, which I like. I prefer not to cut one strip 1 7/8" for the triangles and another size at 1 1/2" for squares. But I still thought pulling paper off the tris was a pain (even with the smaller stitch length). I then tried just using my Easy Angle Ruler and cutting the triangles. This ruler has been around for ages and you can cut the same size strip for your square and triangles alike. This has been my favorite method and I think I will continue with it. Yes, I have to handle the little pieces carefully when stitching the diagonal seam...but I have to be careful with pieces this small no matter what I am doing. No paper mess at least.

So I made great progress this week organizing this project. I have the printed monthly instructions in page protectors in a binder. I numbered each block and placed the properly cut pieces in numbered snack sized ziplock bags inside the page protectors. Each month I will choose 3-4 colors and cut 3" strips from my stash pieces. From those strips, I'll cut 2 1/2" squares for the blocks that need them, then cut the remainder of the piece to the 1 1/2" strips to stack and cut squares and HSTs. Each finished star block goes into the month's page. And sewing? Straight stitch plate, fine thread and yes to pressing the seams open. It's sloooww going.

Some of you had the great idea of getting those border stars out of the way. I have followed your lead and those little guys are also cut and packaged. I also eliminated all the HSTs, preferring to use the rectangle and square method that makes flying geese for the star points. :) THANKS!

Don't throw Flying Geese at me yet, I haven't figured that out.

Sue's instuctions are so thorough and the assembly pictures are great (still use those). Without her attention to detail, I would have stopped after the Feathered Star. So THANKS SUE!! For now, I am sticking with the BOM even though I may be at my own pace and in my own way. Life gives me enough "have-tos", I can tweak this a bit.

Pics will follow...eventually.
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