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Join us on a 12-month floral bouquet journey as we bring you a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Sue Garman.

TOPIC: January 2009 Cutting Error

02 Jan 2009 13:17 #30421

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the other HST are for the white points on the setting triangles at the ends by the pink trianges and the narrow triangle strips. I'm not quite done but I did count my remaining HST and they count out just fine the way Sue has them. Those end triangles are larger than the others.

Hope this isn't too confusing :)

Sandy in Phoenix
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02 Jan 2009 12:27 #30418

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Thanks so much for catching this error, Barbara!! As many times as Sue and I have gone over the directions, it still happens!

If anyone else finds something wrong, please let us know!!

I'm looking forward to seeing finished feathered stars!!!!

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January 2009 Cutting Error 02 Jan 2009 12:12 #30415

There is a small cutting error in the January 2009 instructions.

Page 3 Off-White Background: Only FOUR (4) 2 3/4" squares are needed for the center ring of triangles. You need 8 triangles so you need cut only 4 squares and then cut them in half. (BTW, I used another fabric for these center triangles, a soft gold as an accent.)

I've done a lot of paper piecing but have followed Sue's directions to the letter and LOVE the tiny stitches and not crossing into the seam allowances. When you sew a piece on upside down or backwards like I did (and you WILL!) you'll learn just how strong those little stitches are.

Also, I'm using Masterpiece thread, color # 154, and I love it. It's very fine but strong and takes up very little space in the units. Here's a tip: if your machine doesn't like those 3000 yd spools, wind 2 bobbins and thread the upper thread using a bobbin instead of the spool. Another advantage to this: you should run out of top and bottom thread at about the same time. Just wind two more bobbins and keep going.

My block will be done today and I'll post it in Show and Tell--is everybody having fun?


North Alabama, USA
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