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Join us on a 12-month floral bouquet journey as we bring you a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Sue Garman.

TOPIC: Important Tips for a Successful 2009 BOM

02 Jan 2009 08:10 #30395

For some reason, Superior thread is hard to find in my area! Some of the shops are starting to carry Bottom Line. I bought 3 large cones of Masterpiece at the Quilt Expo in November, so I will be good for a long while.

I have started paper piecing. But I think the red I chose is too dark, but will press on. I may do a second one (center block, not the whole quilt) if I don't like the looks of this one!

Maggie in E. Central Illinois (who is still trying to catch up with being gone from home for a week!)
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02 Jan 2009 00:15 #30386

  • Judymc
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Ritzy's advice about the same ruler is one I learned from Christal Carter years ago--I actually found one of my rulers not to be in sync with the others. Thanks, Sue, for the thread info, too--I didn't know that. I'm really glad I took Sally Collins' precision piecing class recently--it will really be of help with this project! My printer has been on the blink, but the new one should be here on Monday. I'm going to use a 15 inch feathered star block from a book I have by Marsha McCloskey--I'm just not a fan of paper piecing. Sue, I really like the alternate block you provided, too! Judy in Torrance
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01 Jan 2009 20:25 #30377

  • Margo
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They are always available from the link on my profile so you can get to it whenever you see my big horsey grin!!! :lol:

For now, here is the link:


All of the applique tutorials from last year are still there, as well as several new ones for this BOM.

It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter
That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived !
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01 Jan 2009 20:22 #30376

margo's first tutorial is listed under January 2009 topic.
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Tutorials 01 Jan 2009 18:45 #30374

I think I have myself psyched up to begin the 2009 BOM. I've printed the Introduction and the first block. I've selected most of the fabrics from my stash. This is a big leap for me and I'm certainly not going to berate myself if I don't finish it. What I need to know is how do I find Margo's tutorials?
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01 Jan 2009 17:15 #30369

My black (background) fabric is washed, it will get ironed after I get done with the fabric for my workshop this weekend. My kids gave me a set of Hoffman California Fabric fat quarters a while ago. I pulled some out for another quilt (that's what the rest of the other black is for). I'm planning on using the rest for the BOM. I'll probably let DS, Chris, help me pick fabrics. I can't start right now anyway because the main computer is having issues :x It is not cooperating at all. DH has been working on it for a few days and hopefully it will be well when I'm done with the workshop so I can print stuff out and get started on the BOM. (Plus I need to prewash all those fat quarters. I'll probably just do the first three and then do them a little at a time.)
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Ready to go! 01 Jan 2009 16:41 #30367

  • CaroleD
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I've printed everything and have pulled some stash, at least enough to get started. I've dug out my big spool of Masterpiece thread. Now to take a deep breath and get started. I didn't do the 2008 BOM because I was in the midst of a king-sized BOM done through RCTQ, the quilting newsgroup and I needed to finish it to give as a Christmas gift. However, it DID get done and now I'm going to give this one a try, and hopefully find that pieces from my stash will play nicely together!!!

Retired and loving it,
in the foothills of northwest Georgia, USA

Sewing on a Bernina 440QE (BSR and embroidery module) and an Elna Quilter's Dream

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01 Jan 2009 16:31 #30365

  • QuilterLynn
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Looks like there are already a number of us onboard! I'm at exactly 1/4" seam and my square printed out exactly 1" square - so ready to begin!
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01 Jan 2009 13:26 #30342

I have all my fabric cut out, the practice cabin block done. I almost forgot lunch :lol: That doesn't happen too often unfortunately. Thought I'd check in again before I head back down to the quilting dungeon. Happy New Year everyone.
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Can't wait to get started! 01 Jan 2009 13:20 #30341

Woke up New Years day to a nasty ice storm so those outside projects will just have to wait. Hmm, guess I will start washing fabric!
I have to thank Sue Rasmussen's machine quilting class at Asilomar in 07 for taking off on a tangent one evening and showing this rookie quilter how to paper piece. The other students took me under their collective wing and it gave me the confidence to try other projects this past year and now I feel like I can tackle this challenging star quilt.
Bring it on!
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01 Jan 2009 11:26 #30336

Hi everyone -- and happy new year! It's time to dive into a new project, right?!

I've read some of the discussion about thread preferences. So here is another tip: use the same thread throughout your project... and if you do happen to switch threads, check your seam allowance/sewing measurements again. Some threads are "fatter" than others and even slight differences add up to big differences in your finished blocks. Check it out!

Sue Garman
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31 Dec 2008 21:27 #30309

  • MargaritaW
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So Frances what fabrics are you using for the BOM. Dad laughed when I told him what you said. Happy New year to one and all.

Margarita in Auburn, CA
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31 Dec 2008 20:40 #30299

  • denise-nh
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Well I'm anxious to start and have my fabric ready. I am currently working on the 2008 August block so I do have my work cut out for me. I"m about 80% done August but I will still start the 2009 block as a treat to myself.

I had thought about using the same ruler throughout and have my favorite so that shouldn't be a problem. I also bought a new printer yesterday since mine died last weekend. The inch square to double check is a thankful addition.

Waiting for the new block to hit in Breaking News but will go to bed and bound into the computer room early tomorrow to start printing while having my first cup of coffee.

Happy New Year all!

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31 Dec 2008 20:35 #30296

  • SueinNH
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This time around, I'm not going to be sewing along with all of you, but I will definitely be cheering from the sidelines !

The patterns and blocks are just lovely, but way beyond where my skills are at, so I'll be following along in my mind and trying to vicariously learn along with all of you.

Thanks, Sue, for this beautiful pattern and all the instructions you'll be sharing.

And thanks to Margo, for her tips and ideas along the way.

I better make sure I have lots of paper to print all this info out for that later date. I'm excited to see and hear how you all will be doing along the way.
Ready, set, go....!

Sue R
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