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Join us on a 12-month floral bouquet journey as we bring you a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Sue Garman.

TOPIC: Arrangement of Blocks in Completed BOM?

22 Oct 2008 17:20 #27495

  • ritzy
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Sounds like a good idea if you can figure out the layout.
Blessing from Northwest Indiana, USA
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22 Oct 2008 16:41 #27492

I had a thought today! I have saved a drawing that my 16 yr. old daughter made in 2nd grade and have plans to make a quilt from it for her HS graduation. It occurred to me today that it's a vase with flowers.

What do you think of using that as a large center block and using the BOM blocks all around? She has already requested that the BOM be her quilt. Mine is the batiks with the black background.

About to start making berries!
Nancy in Western NY.
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27 Aug 2008 11:23 #25000

  • QuilterLynn
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I actually thought I might hand quilt this (my favorite way!) and begin early (Georgia Bonesteel way) but I keep starting new projects in between blocks and just haven't had the time!

But I will say I've been practicing my machine quilting and it's getting better! And better!

But I think with this quilt and all the breaks in lines etc it might really be better to cross hatch as I had originally intended!
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26 Aug 2008 22:50 #24969

Today I squared up the My, June, July & August blocks to make the first of the three wall hangings I will do with our BOM"S. I found it really tricky...maybe I should have taken more time with the placement of leaves and berries on opposing sides. I quess I'll try to take a little more time with the next four blocks. Hope everyone is having a good time with there blocks. Nan :) :)
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15 Jul 2008 23:49 #22159

Nan, I like your idea! I have three daughters and that could solve who gets the quilt!
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15 Jul 2008 06:42 #22100

That's a great idea Nan. That way you can play with different color schemes.
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15 Jul 2008 05:46 #22097

I have decided that I will make 3 wall hangings with 4 blocks in each. I really didn't want to tackle another quilt at this time and with the crystals and other embelishments I didn't want them coming off in the wash. I will decide which ones to put together after I have finished all of the blocks. Besids that I can enjoy them hanging in my living room. I like to try and change them once a month and try to have a theme to go along with the month.
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15 Jul 2008 05:26 #22095

Kathy - I also follow rules but I'm learning since the police are not allowed on this site I can make my own rules especially if I have a good enough reason. This quilt has become a journey for me and as I start to personalize it I want it in order of how I made it.
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14 Jul 2008 20:17 #22076

Thanks, Sue, for your explanation -- makes sense!

And thanks to everyone for not making me feel like a quilting doofus. I have a tendency to want to follow the rules, guess I need to relax!

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07 Jul 2008 09:56 #21572

Thank you Sue, it is always great to hear your insight. Thank you.
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Arrangement of Blocks 06 Jul 2008 23:38 #21547

Hi all --

Okay - so why are the blocks presented in one order... and then sewn together in a different order? I actually do have an answer -- and it has to do with how I design, how I write up the instructions, and how I assemble the final quilt top.

First of all, I designed all of the patterns at once, but then I did the applique one block at a time. As I applique, I write the instructions for the block I am working on. The order that I applique the blocks in has nothing to do with the layout of the blocks -- more often, it has to do with whether or not I'm ready to tackle a block with a lot of applique in it (such as the "flower mix" blocks that are covered in flowers, berries, stems, and leaves) or one with far less applique in it (such as the orchids that will come in December). You should understand that I cut out ALL of my blocks at once and baste ALL of the pieces on the background, so I can pick up any one of them at any point, and work on that one or switch to another one... I find it is the fastest and easiest way to tackle a big applique project. Sometimes I want to work on a "quick" block (such as the orchids) while I'm at a bee for an afternoon.

Okay, second, as I write the pattern instructions, I usually assign a month to them. So the order that I make them often ends up being the order in which YOU all make them, too... but not always!

Third... after I am completely done with a set of patterns, I will occasionally go back and change the order a bit, just to keep the stitching interesting (so, for example you would not do two "bouquet mix" blocks in a row with all those berries in them!). And I never start a series off with a really difficult or challenging block (no sense in turning people off, right off the bat!).

Now... so why did I lay them out the way that I did? One of you had the right idea -- if you notice, half of the blocks have that large "Quilt Show" star in the background, and the other half just have smaller Quilt Show stars somewhere within the bouquet. Ricky had asked that I include the TQS star on each block, if possible - and the stars are there in each block, if you look. So... in order to "balance" the quilt, every other block has the large background star -- and it was just a matter of laying all the blocks out on the floor and auditioning the blocks for the best placement of each bouquet. You all will likely do the same - your arrangements may be quite different than mine based on the colors that you used or the background fabrics (for those of you that are using different backgrounds), or other changes you may have made. It's part of the magic of how each quilt looks so wonderfully unique, isn't it?!

Happy stitching -
Sue Garman
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05 Jul 2008 01:58 #21411

I may arrange my blocks differently, too. My batik backgrounds aren't all the same, so I'll probably go by that--the stars will be important, too, in my final decision.
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04 Jul 2008 06:02 #21346

Looking at Susan's finished quilt, I noted that half of the blocks have a large TQS star logo in the background, the other half use smaller TQS star logos within either the vase or the flowers. The large star blocks are evenly distributed with the small star blocks. That is my take on that! :wink:

I'm a guessing that each month's block is more based on the types of flowers we would see in nature than its placement on the finished quilt, but as I said, I'm just a guessing! :D

I'm hoping to have July's block done today!

Happy 4th of July!

Maggie in E. Central Illinois
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04 Jul 2008 05:48 #21344

I noticed and I have decided to do my in month order. I started as a quilt to honor my father who passed away in January and I am going to add some things to each block. Birthdays, anniversary, children, etc. I'm still planning what I am going to add and whether to do it in pen or stitching. I need to import the blocks into EQ6 and so I can play with setting.
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