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Join us on a new 12-month quilting journey as we bring you a fabulous quilt designed especially for TQS by Sarah Vedeler. Sedona Star is a spectacular medallion quilt that features a beautiful center star surrounded by a charming array of appliqué elements.

Each month we will provide a photo and detailed directions for a portion of the quilt, as well as full-size patterns. Sedona Star finishes at approximately 88” x 88” inches. One version features a total of sixteen different print fabrics, including colorful shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, red and gold; however, Sarah is providing another alternative color option and instructions for each month as well. Fabric kits for both colorways area available in limited quantities through the TQS Shoppe.
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TOPIC: Finished sizes

Re: Finished sizes 26 Jan 2012 10:55 #74866

I just finished reading all the posts about template printing. I printed mine directly from Google, which has caused problems to others, and to me! It printed 2 templates fine, one small. Once again, operator error! Thanks for your help!
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Re: Finished sizes 26 Jan 2012 09:21 #74845

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eterry, I find all of your measurements in your first paragraph to be right on! That is exactly what my templates measure when very accurately measured and taped together. My pieces are not sewn together as yet, but if I am bigger than 17" unfinished when sewn, I know my seam allowances were too small. If I am under, then I've made my seam allowances too big.

After reading some of the problems that ladies were having, I took extra special care in putting the templates together, and told my DH, "If I get a bowl or a mophed unit in any way, at least I will know it is my sewing, not the templates!" I think the key to the whole accuracy of the templates, is to measure ALL the way across the grid! I fear some have only measured a 2' square or a 3" square.

In beautiful Northwest Montana
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Re: Finished sizes 26 Jan 2012 09:18 #74844

Thanks for responding. I hope you are correct, and do not have to remake it! I agree about the inner and outer circle sizes...and I guess from those measurements, the middle segment can be extrapolated. I wish there were grids marks on the middle segment...I think that is my error. I don't understand why my printer would print the inner and outer correctly, and the middle small...oh well, the cyber elves strike again. I wish we could get a confirmation about the sizes, because I'm a little paranoid about redoing 2 days of work, and using more fabric, only to learn that our "guessed" measurements will cause more trouble down the line. I think I'll play with the templates some more, sit chilly...Again, thanks Ellen!
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Re: Finished sizes 26 Jan 2012 08:47 #74841

Whan I finished my first one it was not flat. It wasn't off much but it doesn't take much on a circle. So, I started over and reprinted my templates and measured them carefully to be sure that they were the right size. Here is what I had. Inside star should be finished size 11 or unfinished 111/2. Next paper pieced circle was 15 1/2 inches finished size or 16 unfinished. Final circle 16 1/2 inches finished or 17 unfinished.

If my thought process is correct the inside of each larger circle finished should match the outside of the smaller circle finished. Therefore the finished process should yield a 17" unfinished circle. I used the printed squares on the largest and smallest circles to check myself. The middle circle did not have these.

I think this is correct. I suspect my original templates were not exactly right.. I was not careful enough with my measurement and i have been known to be off just a tad on my seam allowances. That is why I started all over in hopes that I would have more sucess.

If someone else sees this and I am wrong please tell me.
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Finished sizes 25 Jan 2012 23:06 #74812

May we please have the finished sizes of the individual segments for each month's block? Since we're printing from templates, it would be really helpful to know the sizes that each segment should be. Thank you.
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