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Are you ready to start another new day with a new pattern? I hope so – life is great and affords us many opportunities to start fresh and new – and today is a great day to start making a new quilt: Ruffled Roses. Each month, you will find the pattern for part of this quilt online. Just print the instructions, cut, stitch, press… and before you know it, time will have passed, and you will be ready to enjoy your own Ruffled Roses quilt. What a wonderful way to start each month!
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TOPIC: Month 2: Floaters/Slats Border

Re: Month 2: Floaters/Slats Border 27 Feb 2011 04:24 #59044

Jo Jo are you leaving the last 1/4" seam allowance "ON" ready for the next border.....

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Month 2: Floaters/Slats Border 27 Feb 2011 01:52 #59042

  • ladyquilter
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Is anyone else awake this late??? :shock:

Okay... I admit to being math challenged but I am stumped and need to have another set of eyes see this to see if I really am as batty as I'm beginning to think I am.

I need to put the floaters on so that I can put my lattice on and be finished with this month. But, I always like to add up the math to make sure it adds up before I cut and I'm losing my mind. I know that the pattern is correct but I'm stumped at why I can't figure it out.

Here goes.

Month one block unfinished size is at 21-3/4 inches by 21-3/4 inches. CHECK :)

Month two has an inner and outer border and the slat border. After adding all of these to the center, the unfinished block should measure 24-1/2 inches.

Here's my dilemma:

The inner border says to cut the border 3/4 inches
The slat border is cut to 1-3/8 inches wide
The outer border is 3/4 inches wide

Now for the math part:

If you add 21-1/4 (removing the 1/4 inch for the seam) plus the above borders and subtract the seam allowances, I do not come up with what I should end up with which is the 24-1/2 inches unfinished size. What am I misunderstanding?

I even cut a very small sample of the two borders and the slat and the sample cut at the above measurements didn't make the make my block 24-1/2.

Now I know that lots of people have already finished this month and that the instructions are correct -- so p.l.e.a.s.e. help a sister out and show me the error of my ways. :?

aka ladyquilter

Troutdale, OR
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