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Are you ready to start another new day with a new pattern? I hope so – life is great and affords us many opportunities to start fresh and new – and today is a great day to start making a new quilt: Ruffled Roses. Each month, you will find the pattern for part of this quilt online. Just print the instructions, cut, stitch, press… and before you know it, time will have passed, and you will be ready to enjoy your own Ruffled Roses quilt. What a wonderful way to start each month!

TOPIC: Do you use starch?

Re: Do you use starch? 30 Nov 2010 06:30 #51681

  • Sewdreamy
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I started using starch a few years ago. I would not want to work without it now. It tames the fabric. Sharon Schamber uses it a lot, and I actually started using it when I was trying to improve my bindings and was following her directions. Now I use it for all the fabric. I use Niagara Heavy from the grocery store. Cheers, BJ

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Re: Do you use starch? 30 Nov 2010 04:20 #51679

  • betweens
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I use Fabric Sizing rather than starch I find that the fabric is still pliable but keeps it`s shape at the same time. I use it mostly for applique when I am using the no melt template method. I also use the sizing that is in the fabric already, meaning that I don`t wash my fabrics before piecing (I have been very lucky so far with no running) I have made many stack and whack and One Block wonder quilts where the sizing does some in handy with all those diamonds and biased edges.
We Canadians have one problem. They have confiscated all the sizing and we are only able to get it in the USA. I am fortunate that my mother lives near a boarder town and picks some up for me. They say they don`t sell enough here.. they didn`t ask a quilter though. I hear that in Australia they don`t have freezer paper in some areas either...a quilters tools how could they not :!:
They do have some new stuff out that costs a fortune Aunt Somethings spray and I have tried it but still like my fabric sizing better.

Margo seeing the fabric closer on your Ruffled roses is so wonderful. I love that background fabric great movement :!:
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Re: Do you use starch? 30 Nov 2010 02:04 #51678

  • Zarah
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I use starch (the cheapest you can find) for the background fabric, when I'm doing machine applique. Learned from Annie Smith.
It really helps keeping the shapes as they should be. I cut the background fabric slightly bigger and trim after appliqueing because it can shrink a little with much applique on it.

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Re: Do you use starch? 29 Nov 2010 22:12 #51677

Hi Margo, I had not used starch in the past but since a TQS member I have ead the comments from you and others on how helpfull this is, have just finished making a cot quilt with some applique and tried it, it is ever so better using the starch, made a big difference and made sewing so more accurate, so I am now a "converted starcher"

Taree NSW - Australia
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Do you use starch? 29 Nov 2010 22:05 #51676

  • Margo
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If you've never starched your fabrics before you cut out your pieces, you might want to try it! I find that it really helps tame the bias and prevents the edges from fraying. Even using starch, fabric will still stretch sometimes, but if it's been starched, just a good press with steam will block it back into shape. Just be aware that until it's washed out, the starch will make your quilt really stiff! DUH!

Here is an example. This is my basket border's setting triangles. This area was a little full, but blocking with a shot of steam put it all back in place!


Shucks! I just realized that this second photo is the next basket in the row. Oh well...the same setting triangle is in the picture.

Attachment {!-- ia1 -->100_4292.jpg{!-- ia1 --> not found

I also like my background to be really stiff when I do machine appliqué, so that gets starched too.

So? Do you starch? What brand do you use? How did you like it? What don't you like about starching your quilt projects?

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