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TOPIC: Back to some sewing

Back to some sewing 06 Aug 2011 09:59 #67773

Well Our son is doing better after his accident and I can breath again. Aug is Birthday's for all in our family the 3 kids and Jim and I.
I'm getting back into the Quilts for the VA Hospital , NEED 5 " strips the widith of fabric if you have any to spare

Did a lot of knitting and loom caps/hats for our local students in need. Easy simple yet will warm those young people up and in
all types of colors and yarn What ever I could get low cost and washable.

Now on to the VA Quilts Still need to do funding for supplies and well I'd love to just stay home and sew/quilt simple quilts, than fund raise. The 5" strips for a simple easy pattern. Works up so easy and well works I need easy to get a volume done

STAY WELL safe & sound I know Mother Nature's been a bit to hot and well drink lots of water stay cool

Love and hugs to all
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