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TOPIC: Been a crazy month

Re: Been a crazy month 16 Jul 2011 12:52 #66928

  • BarbCA
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Wow sounds like everyone's been busy!

Stacey, glad to hear you've had your knee repaired, I had the same surgery 20ish years ago with no major problems since.

Kathy, love to see your Bloomin Nice Patch 'ransom' quilt. Might need to put one on my to do list.

Darce, I wondered how you were doing with the double weddings, glad to hear you've completed both tops. Looking forward to seeing photo finishes.

As for me, we've recently returned from Whister BC and a fabulous three week vacation with our family (two of our kids plus spouses and four grandkids). Still a little behind at the office, nearly caught up here at home.

BarbCA :D
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Re: Been a crazy month 15 Jul 2011 19:37 #66923

  • darce
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Perfect title Stacey! We had dd1's wedding reception last Friday and boy was that fun. All 3 kids, spouse, fiance and dd1's mil were at our house from the 3rd thru the 10th - now mind you our house is a just over 1000 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 1 real bath - there's a toilet in the laundry room in the basement. We were cozy! dd1's mil is, let's just say a bit challenging, but still I'm very glad she was able to come as she was dsil's only family there (except us of course). Now we're looking forward to ds's wedding I got both wedding quilt tops done, but not quilted. That's my priority now.

Stacey I sure hope your knee heals up quickly. That's good you got the one quilt done.

Kathy, she's holding it hostage huh? I guess that's fair - lol!

dh has got some really dumb movie on TV, so maybe I'll just take myself off to the sewing room.
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Re: Been a crazy month 14 Jul 2011 09:56 #66874

Stacy -

Sorry to hear about your knee. Glad you are letting it heal, though, without pushing it. Hope it is better soon and give you no more trouble so you can get some sewing done. Good job getting your cousin's son's quilt done so that one can't "call" to you along with your mom and dad's, huh?

I got a quilt top I have had done for a few years (Bloomin' Nine Patch) marked and put it on the frame last night to hand quilt it. I am not qulting it heavily or intricately as I apparently had some issues with the setting triangles and they are a bit saggy here and there. I am hoping that "good enough" quilting will be well, good enough! It is purple, green and pink with one of the fabrics reminding me of stained glass. It's going to my DD for use on her bed at her apartment. She is holding my Christmas quilt "hostage" until I get this done. (She needed something on her bed all winter so I gave her the Christmas one to use till I get hers done.) Now I tease her that she is holding it hostage since Christmas is long past!)

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Been a crazy month 14 Jul 2011 07:24 #66868

I hurt my knee at my cousin's wedding, and that led to looking into it and a decision on knee arthoscopic surgery. I am slowly trying to recover and allow myself to heal and slow down. I got the one quilt done for a my cousin's little boy and I got the diagonals drawn on the squares for my mom and dad's quilt. I am hoping to get down there and do some sewing soon. I hope that you all are doing well.
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