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TOPIC: Wednesday rolls around again...

Re: Wednesday rolls around again... 28 May 2011 06:13 #65343

Thanks, Agnes. I think I will take your advice. I have enough to keep me out of trouble this weekend anyway and next week it's supposed to finally be sunny here in Michigan! One more week won't matter. But I did buy the paint so I can go to it anytime the weather is fit now.

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Re: Wednesday rolls around again... 27 May 2011 07:43 #65315

Kathy--some unsolicited advise from my days of selling paint. For good paint adhesion I wouldn't even think of painting that door until I've had a few days of sunshine. Do your cooking and quilting and let the door wait.
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Re: Wednesday rolls around again... 26 May 2011 07:40 #65270

No thunderstorms near me, just lots of rain. I have to ask my DH if he has to re-plant all the sugar beets or not. :( Maybe this weekend we will dry out a little.

I am tired this week - tired of working! I can't wait for the weekend to get here. Got big plans to paint my front door (if the rain ever quits!) and get some quilting done and some meatballs and cookies made and put into the freezer for DD's graduation party.

Gott get to work!

Thoughts and prayers for all who need them - especially all those tornado and flooding victims. My goodness, it's been something!

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Re: Wednesday rolls around again... 25 May 2011 08:39 #65222

Well i finished the two wall hangings for the preschool teachers. We gave them to them yesterday and they just cried and loved them. It was haning up for my DD's last preschool performance. In my mom manner I cried my eyes out. These end of the milestones are hard on my and I know they are only going to get harder. I can't believe how big they have all ready gotten. Today we will workout, and then I will work on a cross stitch for my DD. I also am going to go shopping for a new dryer as mine has died.

margaret good luck on that quilt. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as she is up this weekend.

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Re: Wednesday rolls around again... 25 May 2011 06:45 #65220

  • darce
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Glad to hear the t-shirt worked Margaret! A lot cheaper too! The storms missed us - just a nice rain. I can't believe the destruction in Joplin and now OK. These tornadoes are really something this year.

I'm still working away on the 2nd wedding quilt. I need 7 more 3 1/2" square strip sets for the small blocks plus several strip sets for filler "blocks, so I've been cutting and subcutting more strips for those and at the same time cutting the strips for framing the blocks.

In a nqr tidbit - ds texted me yesterday late afternoon that he'd passed his final test to complete sniper school. They started with a class of 48 and he's one of 7 remaining who will graduate tomorrow morning. We're so excited for him. Wish we could go to the ceremony tomorrow, but half a country a way is a bit far to get to!

Prayers for those in need, especially those affected by the tornadoes.


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Wednesday rolls around again... 25 May 2011 06:11 #65218

Morning Everyone,

Well we woke up to some loud thunderstorms this morning! The power was out and the dog went crazy, only this year has he been really bad. So Darce I thought of you and a "thundercoat." I think my younger dsil told me to use a t-shirt, so that worked pretty well (of course I used one that had my dh's smell on it.)

Since we're having rain I don't think Captain and I will get our morning walk in. We've been making a habit of it since I flew my mom out to her sister's for the summer last week. I never can go cause she won't get up that early and I can't leave her alone for that long so this is a nice break.

Since its rainy quilting is on the agenda for the day. I have a baby quilt to finish up. I have four mitered borders on the blocks done and 5 more to go. I want to get sashing and the final boarder on it. It would be a big bonus if I could get it basted for quilting too! Hope everyone has a quilt filled day. I definitely need to get some coffee made up!

Happy Stitching,

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