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TOPIC: Chilly Sunday

Re: Chilly Sunday 16 May 2011 07:26 #64699

  • darce
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Now it's Monday here too - I did the 15 min thing last night and lasted quite a bit longer. I'm really making progress on dd1/dsil's wedding quilt and loving the fabrics I picked out. I need to get busy and get backing for this one and the other wedding quilt so I can layer and quilt them as soon as this top is done! I got quite few flowers planted in pots yesterday and a few in the flower bed, which I had to cover last night - the pots went into the garage. Dang frost! DD2 was a big help getting them all in and under cover. It just occurred to me this morning that the handle broke off the shovel at some point this past year, so I have to get a new shovel before I can plant the perennials I bought! Always something. Now I'd better get myself moving so I can get to work on time! :?
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Re: Chilly Sunday 16 May 2011 02:37 #64695

  • beckyezra
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now it is already monday here, i dont feel like doing any thing (including quilting) so that is really extreme. any way, i will adopt Agnes idea, later this morning i will try to drag me to the sewing machine for only 15 minutes....
i think i will start with clear the quilt corner...that may be will help :shock:
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Re: Chilly Sunday 15 May 2011 09:20 #64675

Kathy--The 15 minutes was my theory, for sure.

The last few days I haven't gone to the machine but I plan to be making up for it today. I think I have a good reason for being sidetracked. I received a parcel this week. In addition to the reason for the parcel the box was crammed full of fabrics, largely FQs. Plans are complete for using 24 of those along with background, backing and batting, all of which I ordered from Connecting Threads. Other than a few bins with projects in progress, and only about half a dozen, total, I was out of stash. Until those bins are empty I can't write finished to my 2000 goal but I would say I am 95% there. High enough percentage for me to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I do have a few projects ready to quilt and that is the bug that is pushing me now, finally.

Part of my enthusiasm comes from the sun shining after a week or more of showers. Yippee.
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Re: Chilly Sunday 15 May 2011 07:23 #64671

Margaret - Hope the coffee perks you up. But I know what you mean - some days I just don't feel like doing anything and even sewing doesn't tempt me. But when I know there is something on the machine that NEEDS to be done, I use (I think it was) Agnes's suggestion and tell myself - "Fine. I will go sew for 15 minutes. Then if I don't want to continue, I will call it good for the day.) More times than not, I end up there longer than 15 minutes. :wink:

It's chilly here, too. And still raining. And the wind is worse than yesterday. And I promised DD we would go shopping to the mall today. She needs some dressier tops for church and stuff and we need to start picking up paper plates, etc. for the graduation party. She has such a full schedule with running track and being a senior so since we made plans to do it today, today is the day!

I am making excellent progress on my log cabin quilt that I snuck in while I am supposed to be sewing rows of DD's bargello quilt. But in my defense, I am on the last strip of the last 28 block! I am trying to get the top done for Monday monthly quilt night tomorrow night. We will see how it goes.

Have a great day everyone.

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Chilly Sunday 15 May 2011 06:58 #64667


Sounds like everyone is fitting some quilting in with all the rain going around. :) Today I think dh has to go into the office for work stuff so I hope to do absolutely nothing! I should get to finishing my bom but I am too pooped from this week. Maybe I will draw some energy to get down to the sewing room. I hear the coffee is finally ready…

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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