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TOPIC: Garage sales are starting Thursday

Re: Garage sales are starting Thursday 29 Apr 2011 07:38 #63752

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That sounds like a great project for the teachers Stacey!

The tornado devestation is really mind boggling.

We have city-wide garage sales here next weekend, plus we can put all our larger garbage items out for pickup too. It's a once a year way to clean out all that stuff. I'm going to start hauling some of our stuff to the garage today so that it's at least out of the basement. I'm in a mood to really purge and get rid of LOTS of stuff It's way past time. Plus I need the family room in usable order before dd1/dsil's reception in July - we'll have more than a house full then. There's some housecleaning I'd like to get done today and it's supposed to be nice enough to hang sheets out, so that's on the list too. I have every intention of having some sewing time too. Hope I get to it all. I decided to start my morning with The Wedding tho - watched that instead of going back to bed after taking the dogs out about 5. Her dress is so beautiful - so Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. I suppose I'd better get at it tho!

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Garage sales are starting Thursday 28 Apr 2011 08:18 #63662

My prayers go out to the south today after their horrible weather. I hope you are all safe and are doing somewhat ok.

I played with fabric paint and fabric markers for the first time last night. I painted my kiddos hands and put their hands on white fabric and then wrote their names and a thank you note to their two preschool teachers. We have been with thie preschool for three years with the different kiddos and I wanted to do something special at the end of this year since it is our last year with them. I am going to put boarders around it and then quilt it into a small wall hangings. I also go the rest of the half square triangles all marked for sewing so that I can finish the 40 four patch blocks that I forgot to do. OOps on my part for counting right. Though that is a huge problem when you don't have enough to make your king size quilt. So off I go to the machine hopefully tonight while watching Grey's and Private Pracitice.
though the first item on my agenda is garage saleing at a local community as this is their weekend and I am hoping to get some good deals in the the hour and half that I have.

Have a great day everyone.
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