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TOPIC: Easter Weekend

Re: Easter Weekend 24 Apr 2011 15:29 #63260

My children decorate hardboiled eggs then take them to a grassy slope near the beach to roll - the idea is that the egg which survives the longest wins. Today, it was the 6 yr old who won with 8 rolls! As 2 children are away from home, they had their's rolled by proxy...
Normally, DH takes them and the Easter Bunny visits and sets out an egg/ treasure hunt in the garden/ house, dependant on the weather. The children have to gather then share anything that doesn't have their name on. This year, with her big sisters away, the youngest wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny asking if he would wait till Saturday to come! So the rest of us have to wait for chocolate - she's ok as she still has an egg from a hunt a couple of weeks ago! Her big brother sulked (he's 18!)
BTW, the hunt earlier this month is becoming a family tradition too - a home-ed group gather at alocal country park and follow a set of clues to claim their eggs. This year we roped-in a fairy, gnome, gorilla and more to help and 55 children had a ball! Have a look at my blog to see some snaps! http://sheppeylass.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/birthday-mail/

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Re: Easter Weekend 23 Apr 2011 21:45 #63226

Eileen what an amazing tradition. It sounds like a lot of fun. I wish my DH would get into Easter more. I love hiding the candy and I love the Easter baskets. I thought as they got a little older this year he would be into it, but not really. So I guess next year I will have to be better and make sure that it gets done. The problem normally is that I just don't have any time right now when I don't have the kiddo with me. That means it is kind of hard to Easter shop.
Oh well next year will be better for that with all of them in school for a couple of hours at least.
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Re: Easter Weekend 23 Apr 2011 12:58 #63175

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DH Mike's mom started a tradition when he was a kid-once they all got kind of "too old" for Easter baskets, she started to make an Easter table. She put Easter grass, candy and some toys on it. :D
When our 2 kids give the impression that they no longer wanted baskets, Mike decided to carry on his Mom's tradition. Ours is a 6 ft. table, has an Easter tablecloth and at least 5 bags worth of Easter grass. Every year, he tries to find something new for it. We have a bunny that giggles, an Easter egg tree, a bunny and chick that sing, bunnies shaped like baskets....and then there's the candy. OMG! :shock: The candy. He has so much he can't put it all out so it lasts about a month.
David's 28 and Keri's 26 and they still want the table. Keri's helping Mike decorate it this afternoon. I'm staying out of the room because I can't control myself :lol:

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Easter Weekend 23 Apr 2011 07:48 #63161

I have a family Easter party today with my mom's whole side. I love going as I enjoy catching up with everyone and the kids have a blast hunting for candy. We colored eggs last night. I got some items to do some more polymer clay buttons for decorating quilts. I learned how to do this at quilt guild and the kids are going to just love doing this. I also go the next part of my blocks for my mom and dad's quilt all pinned together. So it was a good day yesterday.

Have a great Easter Weekend if you celebrate it everyone.
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