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Re: TGIF 15 Apr 2011 13:35 #62442

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Busy, busy day Stacey!!! I met a friend for breakfast this morning, then went to Rochester for groceries and errands. Had to get my license renewed and since there's a quilt shop right at the end of that strip mall it seemed rude not to go in! :lol: I found some beautiful batik fq's for dd/dsil's wedding quilt and 3 options for focus fabric. I texted photos to dd and she chose the one that I liked best too. She's supposed to be e-mailing me a photo of a pattern she found that she likes. I'm really excited to get started on it. I got the center for ds/ddil2b's wedding quilt done and took it with me to small quilt group for opinions on the outer border. They came up with a great 3 border plan that I really love - can't wait to get going on that too!

I have all the groceries unloaded from the van and most put away. HyVee had some yummy looking cookies with Easter M & M's in them, so I got the M & M's for that and will bake those this afternoon. Then I'm giving myself about an hour to work in the basement. I thought if I go down for a certain period of time it might not seem like the chore it really is! I wish I could haul crap out to the garage at least now, but there's just not room there either. I can at least sort into piles and when May 7th comes there's gonna be a huge pile of "treasures" on my curb. That's the day of city-wide garage sales and we can put all of our unwanted "treasures" on the curb for pick up. By the time the trash men come around on Mon or Tues, there's usually very little of my pile left. Some stuff I can see why people might take it, but broken laundry baskets??? Whatever, as long as it's not at my house anymore!!!!

Better get at those cookies!
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TGIF 15 Apr 2011 06:29 #62389

Hoping to get back in my quilt room today though I don't know. yesterday my middle son did some testing for school to see where hei s academically. He did amazing and wowed the teacher. Though she did give me some ideas to help him keep advancing and stay challenged which I loved. Then it was dropping kids to school and picking them up. We went to the afternoon performance for my oldest DS's spring program, then picked him and his other brother up. Then off to soccer practice where he did great and then home to get changed for his spring program at night. Adorable is all I can say. Then out for ice cream and then crashing. It was a busy day, but one full of memories which was great. Today we have a play date with a friend in the morning, I am in the classroom in the afternoon and then hoping to do some family fitness up that the school in the evening.

Have a great day.
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