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TOPIC: sunny Tuesday

Re: sunny Tuesday 12 Apr 2011 20:43 #62217

Agnes it is really nice to have them getting there. I remind myself every day that the good Lord has given us a chance to make changes, and we sure as better get going on them. This helps me remember that it could be worse and that I am so so lucky. I have to admit though that the nice weather is also helping. The kids, dog and me can get outdoors and enjoy the Vitamin D, fresh air, and exercise. It wears them out. We went to the club today, the second day in a row, and the boys played basketball while I worked out. Then after supper we took the dog for a walk and tried to go and see the boys play baseball, but we were too late. Guess I should have checked the time. Then it was reading with them and bed. I also made homemake turkey and vegetable soup. I got the binding attached to be sewed on for the soft blanket that my DD wants. I will probably stitch that tomorrow or Thursday. Then I have a whole week to make some progress on my block for my DM and DF's quilt before guild.

Have a great night everyone.
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Re: sunny Tuesday 12 Apr 2011 20:19 #62214

Stacey - yup, my kids were the same way. My sister loves to shop/spend money and I could not afford like she could. My girls were happy to wear her girl's outgrown/no longer wanted sometimes designer clothes. Mine had no qualms about "hand me downs." They wore each others hand-me-downs at our house, too. Heck, DD #1 even wore her brother's clothes and tennis shoes for everyday until she was about three! :lol:

DD#3 had her first track meet today. The two scheduled for before spring break were cancelled because there was still snow on the track! She did well for the first meet and was satisfied with her performance. And I stopped at the quilt store in the town where the meet was. And broke down and signed up for th Patriots in Petticoats BOM. The finished quilt was hanging on the wall and as soon as I walked in and saw it, I was toast. I need another BOM (inevitably a UFO???) like I need another snowstorm!! HA! But I did it..... :wink:

Thursday at about 4:30 a.m., I will be heading on a charter bus with DD #3's high school band to New York City! I went four years ago with DD #2 and loved every minute of it. I hope this trip goes just as well. I will be taking some applique pieces with me to baste while on the bus riding there and back.

Probably won't get onto the board between now and then so prayers for all who need it and wishes for a good day for everyone.

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Re: sunny Tuesday 12 Apr 2011 09:33 #62132

Stacey--Glad to hear that things are more normal at your house.

I'm in an un-sewing stage as well. In my Stash Busting quest I am using the orphan blocks and bits of fabric to make Mug Rugs. I have a few items from over the years, sewn but not quilted that I am now pulling apart so I can use the fabric for backing. I had made un-quilted machine covers that were a real PITA so I never used them. Because I had pieced the front of one in 10" squares I will have 8 Mug Rugs or little mats with very little effort. In my foraging efforts yesterday I was reminded I have the better part of the cutting done for at least two baby, upwards to lap sized, quilts done. There is enough stuff piled up to keep me busy for quite some time without looking at new ideas though my Mariner's Compass is staring at me. The block is done and many ideas are floating for the next round so I can get onto the the round after that. Know what that will be. Evenings I am enjoying my cross stitch.
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sunny Tuesday 12 Apr 2011 08:17 #62124

I got a lot of things done yesterday around the house and we also got outside for 45 minutes of bike riding and basketball playing. I also during that time got some unsewing done. Now I can attach the binding to the soft blanket today hopefully and I will have gotten two projects done that I can post in the April Finishes section. yeah me. Now to get back to the big one. Though I realized that I need to get a little one done for the preschool teacher because this is our last year of preschool. I am thinking of getting a plain white fabric and sending it home with each kiddo and having them sign it and then return it so I can put it together as a memory for her. I think she would love that. Maybe at the field trip the kiddos take at the begining of May. Though I am not sure what type of markers I would use to do that. I know like I need another project on my hands to do. I just can see the tears this would bring though. It would be worth it as she has been an amazing assesst for us these last three years and my kids just adore her.

I also got two of the three kids spring wardrobes up and put away. They think this is neat as we got the clothes at garage sales last year and don't remember them so they think they get all new clothes. My kids love the little things. It is so cute. Maddie was so excited because she had new dresses, skirts , undies, shirts and shorts. She was riding a pretty good high. Today she gets to wear one of the new dresses for picture day. She looks adorable.

have a great day everyone. HOpe you get to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.
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