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TOPIC: Hello Monday

Re: Hello Monday 04 Apr 2011 16:25 #61555

Peggy--Hop on over to the April thread.

Georgia--I am still working on the finish I hoped to get done in March. Life sure got in the way. I'm so happy some of Vern's family decided to visit us last week. That played havoc with my "sewing" time. Then we had two different water problems in the apartment. The combination of extra traffic and removing a closet door led me to some "renovation" work. I decided to rip the carpet from the entrance and hallway areas. Give me a broom and mop to have a clean floor. Still not all done but by the end of the week I should have a newly waxed floor.

This week is World's Curling so I am watching that. That means I am doing cross stitching while watching. This project is related to my quilting projects, but doesn't give me any finishes. I'm nearing the end of block 4 of 12 before it will become a quilting project.

April-- Stress is a definite kick off for other medical problems. This winter it showed up as severe acne on my chin to the point that Vern commented on it. It looked for a while like I had been in a major fight.

Stacey--At this time, taking care of yourself and your family's health is more important than a tidy house.
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Re: Hello Monday 04 Apr 2011 11:43 #61529

Stacey -- hope you continue on your road to recovery - what a bummer to have everyone sick! It sounds like this was a doozy for your gang. Hope your dh is feeling better as well and can interact with your kids now. Hope you enjoy the quilt show -- I know that's something I always look forward to as well.
April -- how lucky for you to get to a show by the International Quilt people -- enjoy your class and have fun seeing all the quilts as well.
Agnes -- I managed to finish a baby quilt for my niece and I'm all ready to post on April Finishes -- hint, hint ;)
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Re: Hello Monday 04 Apr 2011 11:34 #61527

Stacey, so sorry you folks have been sick! Seems like that's always the way when extra challenges need to be met. Stress can sure compromise the immune system. I was just reading about your hubby too and hoping he is feeling better.

I am excited to be gearing up for the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati this week! I am taking an all-day class Thursday, working on Rose of Sharon techniques. It was meant to be taught by Sharon Pederson, which was a big draw for me in choosing this class, but she had a medical emergency come up the other week and someone different is handling the instruction. I was really disappointed about that, but it will be fine; any teacher they would select to take over is still going to know a great deal more than I do LOL!

If I have Wi-Fi or decent 3G in my room at my B & B, I'll post some updates while I'm there.

There is some stormy weather in parts of the country; stay high and dry everyone! :D

"I'm an artist at living, and my work of art is my life." ~ Suzuki, Zen Master

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Hello Monday 04 Apr 2011 08:56 #61515

I hope that you all are doing well. We are still sick, but slowly recovering. I got medication along with my middle son. HOping it starts working soon. I did get one block sewed on yesterday. I got a block done for my PMS block that I need to present. I did machine applique and loved it. I also did one hand and liked that too. The only problem is that the small pieces I kind of pulled and puckered the fabric, so I have it ripped out to try and redo. Though it was relaxing while I was sick to at least be able to sew a little bit. I am hoping to make it to the Sun Prairie quilt show either today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow so I can go with maragaret. I always love seeing the quilt. I will probably take some of the little ones with me. They enjoying putting in their two cents too as to what they like.

I don't know what is on store today. I am still trying to catch up in cleaning from being down and sick so long, but I am learning to do that one little bit at a time. I also might do some more reading in the Union Quilters as I have been enjoying the new book.

Have a great day everyone.
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