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TOPIC: Houston 2017 Advice?

Houston 2017 Advice? 28 Nov 2016 09:00 #138697

Just to add to what's been mentioned, the hotels won't yet be fully booked, so no worries there, at all. We have been able to get a room in a hotel on the shuttle route two years in a row, after the summer email goes out (June-ish, the postcard will get mailed listing what hotels, what the rates are, etc.). So, don't stress if you cannot book right now, there will be space open. Although, the sooner the better, especially if you want several days, and if you are particular about having 2 double beds vs one king bed.

Bring a refillable water bottle with you (or buy bottled water, and refill those, nice and light weight!); to refill, head up to the 3rd floor and the Ozarka water things they have up there. For food, Chick Fil A has the most affordable options, but plan on at least $10/day for lunch (more if you go to other stops, some are up to $15 per plate), as well as $$ for dinner. Depending where your hotel is, there may or may not be much around that is open (the downtown hotels, such as Hyatt, aren't near many restaurants open for dinner, other than the hotel restaurant). Plan on $20-ish for a hotel dinner/more if you splurge.

Test out whatever tote bag you bring for ease/comfort. You want it able to be organized (so your wallet, phone, etc. don't get lost in it), yet a lightweight bag so that your purchases don't make it too heavy, and a comfortable shoulder strap (or a back pack) so it doesn't make your neck/shoulder sore. I have always done tote bags, but may switch to a back pack next year; easier to get around the aisles (not bumping your bag into people) and easier on the shoulders, even if less convenient of having to take it on/off (or wear it on the front).

It is likely to be warm in the convention center, so dress in layers if it's cold outside (it may not be). Don't pack your suitcase full, so you have room for your purchases. Don't be afraid to check out and have the hotel hold your bags the final day you are in town, if you do a late flight, they are used to it.

There are plenty of hotels not on the shuttle route that are also within walking distance, so if you don't find a room in one of the official hotels, check the maps and shop around.

Dress comfy, and come have fun!
Heather, a Texan living in Brasil

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Houston 2017 Advice? 27 Nov 2016 22:00 #138696

Thank you sincerly for taking time to write. We are excited, already overwhelmed, and appreciate your good advice!
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Houston 2017 Advice? 22 Nov 2016 14:28 #138678

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My friend and Linda went in 2012 and man is it overwhelming. As Margo says, fashion stops at the knees. You MUST wear good shoes. In fact, I would strongly suggest you get some walking in before you come to get used to it. There is a lot of walking. I didn't take any classes that year and haven't been back since, but Linda has gone back every year since and has taken all kinds of classes. My next time I plan to take classes.

Another suggestion is to have a large bag with a zipper. This was suggested by a vender at a show in Colorado as there is a lot of shoplifting, unfortunately. In my bag I carried by wallet, phone and was big enough to carry my purchases. Also if I purchased something very valuable I put it in the safe at the hotel room, along with money that I saved for other days. I'm not really a credit card person. I put a water bottle holder on the outside, and, of course a zipper. I also made it like a shoulder bag size. If I can find a picture I'll show you.

We also got the booklet of all the venders and the first day walked the aisles marking which ones we wanted to go back to. If there was an important purchase, i.e. running out of that item, we purchased it then, but otherwise we did our major shopping on Saturday going to the venders we marked. That was suggested to us and it worked well.

So my advice is to be prepared to be very tired, but happy and to pace yourself. Don't be sad if you need to go back to your hotel room and take a nap.

I will also be trying to attend 2017.

Sharon in Colorado
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Houston 2017 Advice? 22 Nov 2016 08:57 #138676


Here is the list of "official" hotels, within walking distance or on the free bus route. They all opened reservations for 2017 last week so probably none have rooms available now.
It is advantageous being close to the convention center.

Another hotel several friends of mine are very happy with is the Magnolia, a boutique hotel not on the bus route. They have a shuttle van and bring quilters to/from the show. They, too, are probably full now but it can't hurt to check.

30 days out the hotels get some rooms open as people cancel the extra rooms they booked last week. BUT you probably don't want to wait until 30 days out to hope you can find a room.

Another bit of advice: sign up to receive the catalog next summer so you can see ALL the classes and special events you can do. Take a class or attend an event on the 3rd floor to greatly increase the experience and take a rest from the huge show/vendors on the 1st floor.

Good luck--it is definitely a great experience every quilter needs to do!

North Alabama, USA
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Houston 2017 Advice? 21 Nov 2016 17:36 #138674

My friend and I are planning to fulfill a "bucket list" wish by going to the Houston quilt show in 2017. Neither of us has been to the show, nor even to Houston. We would appreciate any advice you can offer for hotel choice or any other useful advice. Thanks in advance!
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