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TOPIC: The Quilt Show/Disappointment

Re: dissapointing 20 Feb 2008 21:47 #14003

bichon wrote:
Add my voice to the disappoined ones. My sample show was fluff. I really don't care if Ricky sings... I've heard he actually makes people in his classes listen to him. No thanks. Alex, you could be and do so much more than this. I'm looking for quality and quilts. Thanks.

bichon, I am sorry you were disappointed in the freebie show but as the old saying goes.."You get what you pay for". Believe me, the shows are full of wonderful quilting quests, hints, tips and advice. It's sad to know that those of you, who won't pay a small price for the full subscription, will never know how much you have missed and how Alex really has grown in her quilting. This new online magazine venture has opened a world of locked doors that the corporate networks kept closed for us to see. I for one feel the small price for the subscription is no where near what it is truely worth.

To close, here is my take on this subject: "Cost of basic membership free....Cost of premium membership: PRICELESS"

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20 Feb 2008 21:20 #14001

Well said, Ann. I really hope I never take this wonderful activity so seriously that fun is not allowed!! Marge
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a word to the disappointed 20 Feb 2008 21:10 #14000

I subscribe to a number of magazines or buy them at the book store. I am often disappointed. The cover looks great the inside is next to useless. Do I get a chance to tell the editor what I think? Sure with an impersonal letter and the chance of a response is next to zero (probably on the negative side of zero). At TQS I can e mail anyone of the partners personally through the site, post my comments in the blog or the forum or in my own member blog. do my e mails get read----they sure do I have had answers back within minutes and the longest was maybe 24 hours when everyone was on the road. Do they listen to me and to other members? They sure do I see the changes each time a new set of shows comes out and also have talked personally with Ricky and Alex and have heard their comments reflecting the critiques and what they are doing to change things. Like has been said this venture is a baby -- the whole concept is only about two years old and we are not even a whole year into production etc of the shows and WOW YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY !!!!! Not every show topic appeals to me but I have learned something from every onel.

But you know what --- the best part is the friends I have made and met down the road; no other way would I have even known about them because most of us will never write a book or win a big prize but we learn from each other. And me with almost no family of my own now have an adopted sister and a bunch of adopted grand kids who enrich my life because of who they are and what they do.

So I have gained way more than my membership cost so I will be a member until they drop me in my grave.

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20 Feb 2008 20:05 #13996

  • ritzy
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It is interesting to me that the person only saw the preview (first) show. How much they have missed! It is really too bad.
Blessing from Northwest Indiana, USA
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20 Feb 2008 17:56 #13992

I am sorry you feel like you wasted money by signing up for TQS. Guess you are not alone about that.
Although I am a seriouse quilter too..I take my quilts and my workmanship seriously....I love to have fun while doing it :wink: Some of the shows are not my "cup of tea", but I can honestly say that I have learned form each and everyone of them, tips and trix I can apply to my style of quilting.
But the most important thing for me is that TQS is more than the shows, a community where we all have a common interest! I love the Forum and I have learned a lot form other TQS members. The Members Blog allowes me...at an other part of the world, to get to know what you are quilting "over there".
The Daliy Blog is informative and sometimes real fun! Ricky´s and Alex´s videos ( even if I dont hand quilt :lol: ) are greate.
The Gallery is a source for entertainment, inspiration and joy!
TQS allowes us to send e-mails to each other while protecting our privacy and security...and it is a treat to read e-mails from other members.
Last but not least The Chatrooms: I have made 2 wonderful friends. And I can get online advice if I get stucked on something because we quilters love to help eachother out!

I hope you find what you are looking for in Books, magazines and DVDs.
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20 Feb 2008 17:33 #13991

LOL -- look at the dates on these posts.

There are 2 people in almost a year's time that don't like the show format. Hmmm, I'd say that's not too shabby! :D

Well, I quilt daily and when I'm not quilting, the odds are pretty good, that I'm at least thinking about quilting, but I sure hope that I never become such a 'serious' quilter, that I can't enjoy hearing a little about others personal stories or listening to Ricky play alittle music. :roll: So much of what I love about quilting about the wonderful and sharing people that are involved in it. This site is a great example of what quilting is about. Life is short -- enjoy all there is to offer!

For the price of one book or a couple of yards of fabric, I have learned so much and have seen so many new-to-me techniques and all the styles of work and -- and OMG -- the inspiration...YOW!

Gisela in Ohio
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Talk About Shows 20 Feb 2008 17:07 #13990

I, for one, totally enjoy seeing Alex and Ricky's true personalities shine on TQS. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the regimented, scripted shows that have to be 'xx' number of minutes..to the dot. To me, the personalities are what make the shows. Each show is so relaxed and down to earth. There are definitely no quilt snobs on TQS. Alex and Ricky showcase the talents of each guest and applaud them as if they were family. I certainly don't want to go back to the scripted, stiff shows of the past.

I think ARJJ is doing a wonderful job bringing a variety of quilters to the show. They realize the differences in quilters, and they strive to appeal to a large audience.

As for the music, I love hearing Ricky's music. Just a few months ago, I heard one of Ricky's songs and it was as if something hit me in the chest. Thus was born a love of piano solos. Obviously, to people who don't like music, they could care less, but to some of us, music plays a vital role in our lives, and we love to hear music, no matter what or where. To tell Ricky not to play is like telling a fish not to swim. Ricky has too much talent to hide. Music, as well as quilting, is his life. Granted, music is not related to quilting, but this is Ricky and Alex's show and they can have what they want.

If this type of show isn't for you, so be it. Best of luck in finding a show that appeals to you.

Have a great week, Sharon in TN
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dissapointing 20 Feb 2008 14:27 #13988

Add my voice to the disappoined ones. My sample show was fluff. I really don't care if Ricky sings... I've heard he actually makes people in his classes listen to him. No thanks. Alex, you could be and do so much more than this. I'm looking for quality and quilts. Thanks.
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29 Apr 2007 07:26 #4050

I've been mulling over this post since I first read it. At first I was really annoyed. Okay, so now that's over, since each person is certainly entitled to their own opinions. Recognizing that there are quilters that I wouldn't watch and people I wouldn't go and see if they were in my area your post certainly made sense. There are shows and nationally known quilters that just resonate with each person.

The one thing that kept coming back to my mind is that while Alex was hosting SQ the show was limited and her vivacious personality had to be kept in check due to time constraints. And I don't know about Ricky as I've never met him in person. We're all used to the show format being very regimented and Alex coming across a particular way. While there are many of us who've met her and know that she's a vibrant, vivacious lady there are many more who don't know that so we're having to get to know both Alex and Ricky in a different format.

While I fully understand that we're entitled to our own opinions and thoughts there are a couple of things to bear in mind and remember that Alex & Ricky and the entire staff at The Quilt Show have given us:

1) several buttons that allow us to stop, fast forward, rewind a show so that we can watch the segments that work for us or just turn them off
2) this is a brand new venture so there are going to be quirks in the system until they iron out who they are together and as a group
3) we are getting to see that the quilters that mean so much to us have more than quilting as passions - for example Joe Cunningham quilts, acts, plays several instruments and is a stay at home dad, wow, who knew???

If you choose not to renew or purchase the dvd's that's fine. However I will say in my opinion it's a bit too early to dismiss the entire endeavor. Had I stopped watching SQ from the shows I first saw, I would have missed so much over the years and probably stopped growing as a quilter. But, hey, that's me, not anyone else. Shows that didn't interest me, quite frankly, I turned them off, no big deal.


Quilting is a Beautiful & Complicated Art!
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26 Apr 2007 09:23 #3969

I like it. The show is filled with life and fun. :D
When I want to see measure, cut, sew, then I can watch a hundred dvds of that anytime.
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25 Apr 2007 16:35 #3943

I'm sorry you're not enjoying the format. I love it, and am enjoying learning what well-known quilters are like as people. I have learned something from each of the three shows that I hadn't known about quilting, too. I will probably get the DVDs when the shows are no longer available on line, just to refer to in future. That said, I think of the old song from long ago, "Different strokes for different folks", and realize that there's no way any show can be wonderful for everyone--we're all so different, and that's why we don't all make the same quilts. :)

Pat in Rockport, TX
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The Quilt Show/Disappointment 25 Apr 2007 14:18 #3934

I was really excited about "The Quilt Show" seeing as how we lost Simply Quilts but I have to tell you I am seriously disappointed. I know, I know its a different program from "Simply Quilts" and different format and arrangement. However, I never expected a Kathy and Regis format and I am a serious quilter so thats what I want to hear about I don't want to hear about childhood or music etc. etc. Anyway I will not be subscribing next year or getting the discs either. I will invest my money in something like books, DVD's my quilters on how to's.

Sorry, I can tell everyone is singing praises etc but "the Quilt Show" is just another talk show.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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