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TOPIC: Denver Mancuso Show

Denver Mancuso Show 30 Apr 2011 10:36 #63847

Went to to the show yesterday and was very pleasantly surprized. I usally don't go to their shows as they are far more into contempory art type quilts and that just doesn't appeal to me. Since moving to Colorado Springs and seeing very few shows, I couldn't pass this up, contempory or not. They had a very nice mix of styles and I could spend more time on the things I liked. Three things I noticed. One - many women just have no respect when it comes to touching. Even saw one woman eyeing a layered quilt and she proceded to pull the layers apart to see how it was constructed. There were far too few white-glove ladies. Only saw 3 the entire show. Far to few!!! Two - no announcements about touching the quilts. Have been to many national shows were every 30-45 minutes someone announces in a funny way about not touching and every one gets the message and a good chuckle at the same time. Three - saw several BOM from Sue Garman from last year made and only one gave appropriate credit. She named the design and creator along with where she got it (The Quilt Show of course) and the BOM year. One had no mention of any of the facts while another was just metioned it was a BOM pattern. All in all, I had a great time and wished there was more time to spend there.
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