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09 Jun 2008 13:46 #19607

Yes, I just posted on the other one--I think I'm a charter member of his fan club, LOL.

Pat in Rockport, TX
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09 Jun 2008 11:55 #19598

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Did you ladies know there are 2 threads going for this? I think it's great that Justin is so popular!!!

from the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY
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Go Justin!! 09 Jun 2008 10:27 #19592

I had the great opportunity to meet Justin while at the Livermore Super Seminar. He is so darn cute, nice, funny, and fabulous. He worked so hard behind the scenes to make sure everything was working and running smoothly. And when he sat down on the floor and fell asleep he was so adorable. I appreciate all the hard work you do and the smile that is always on your face.

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09 Jun 2008 09:56 #19588

Justin is everything you say and more. He is a real gentleman, is funny as can be and just a joy to be around. He's sweet, helpful, cute and generous. Just came back from Ricky's retreat in La Veta and it was a most wonderful experience. Kudos to Justin and Ricky. Love them both dearly. Hugs and love to all, Pattiwatti :D
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FAN CLUB 09 Jun 2008 09:01 #19584

I guess I will start this off since I volunteered to be the President of the Justin Fan Club. I first met Justin at Super Seminar (although I had heard lots of good things about him from Mee Maw Ricky's Mom) Justin is just a bundle of joy. He zips around and makes everyone smile. And his sister says he has never met someone who didn't become a friend.

I admire Justin for so many things but mainly how he seems to juggle so many things that are important to the Tims Art Gallery and to TQS and does it with such grace and a smile.

I have been a total Ricky fan for quite a while now but have over the past two years become a Justin fan too because I appreciate all he does so quietly in the background. So here is Justin's chance to get the limelight.

Ann (Thank you Justin for making me Snowplow instead of the silly misspelling I started TQS with as my screen name - never said typing was my strong suit)
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