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Re: CONVERTING THE TQS SITE 19 Jul 2013 04:50 #107167

  • loise98
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Thanks for asking. When I first joined TQS and started to become active in the Forum I read quite a few member blogs beginning to end. I didn't have a local guild and TQS became that for me. Being able to research other member's work as they developed their skills was extremely valuable. It helped pull me into the TQS community. Believe me, if I had known about TQS I'd have been a charter member. But I hadn't known about it and without the member blogs I don't know that I could have learned about the vitality and strength of this extremely unique group of quilters. The member blogs helped me learn what a caring community we are and what I needed to do to become a part of it. If continuing to encourage and nurture that community I believe it is very important to retain the history.
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Re: CONVERTING THE TQS SITE 19 Jul 2013 02:38 #107165

  • Lorchen
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I cannot find the time (working fulltime) to read the blogs. I concentrate on the Daily Blog and the Forum. I hardly ever get around to the Members' Blogs, so I would not miss old blogs.

I think though that it would be very important to give those members who use the blog section regularly a couple of weeks warning so that they can copy and paste their old blogs to their home computer. That way they would not be lost.

John, Bob, I wish you lots of luck with sorting out the website. My very personal opinion on most things in life (I may be showing my age here): If it ain't broken, don't change it. Most of us are creatures of habit and happily settle into a routine of using the site.
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Re: CONVERTING THE TQS SITE 19 Jul 2013 00:54 #107164

  • lotti
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Obviously it would be fantastic to have the blog history...
But having worked on our company websites, I realize the huge amount of work, space and cost involved, so I wouldn't give up TQS if we lost that.
Would it be possible to have a limited member blog history? I.e. going back a year ora few years or so?
Thank you for letting us give our two cents worth - and for keeping us informed! That is so appreciated. :)
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Re: CONVERTING THE TQS SITE 18 Jul 2013 23:18 #107162

Hi, Cap'n John, I personally don't have a member blog but enjoy reading them. Just tell me and the rest of the membership where it will be located and which button to click on and we will be good to go. We old dinosaurs sometimes have problems with change but with directions, we manage. Judy in AZ
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CONVERTING THE TQS SITE 18 Jul 2013 22:10 #107159

We have been looking into converting the site to make it easier and more fun. I plan to keep you updated and also to ask your help and input. The site was started in 2007, which is 100 years ago in internet years. We have looked at many different types of software and many types of tools. TQS has a lot of content. How do we get you to it? When you arrive, what is the best way to present it? How can we make it easy enough for us to create? Whew!?

I have decided to include you all in the process. Sometimes I will tell what is going on and sometimes I will ask for your opinions. Please understand that I will not always use your ideas or say yes to your opinions. Many times I will not have the time to tell you why. For instance, it has taken many months and tens of thousands of dollars to just get everyone's names over to the new system. I had no idea it would be such a big deal. It was. Now we have to make some big decisions.

So, your first job is to help me with Bob's question today. "Do we have to bring over all the history in the member blogs?"

My first question to Bob is always the same--"Big deal or little deal?"

This one is a big deal. We are going to use all new software to host your blogs. We have it down to 2 choices. In either case trying to bring all the past entries over is really hard. The new software will make it easier for people to chronicle their quilting journeys and share with friends.

Can you live with a fresh start to the Member Blogs?
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