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TOPIC: Wall quilt and fire safety

Wall quilt and fire safety 03 Oct 2017 14:57 #142431

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Natural fibres are better than man made, and of all the natural fibres, I personally think that wool is your best bet. My reasoning is that I when I did English Civil War Re enactment wool was the safest (and authentic) fibre to wear, as if you got sparks on your clothes they would smoulder and smell horrid before they would actually catch fire.

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Wall quilt and fire safety 03 Oct 2017 06:52 #142427


I'm making a wall hanging (fidget quilt) for the dementia ward of a local home for senior citizens. Because of fire prevention codes, the quilt will be sprayed with something that is supposed to keep it from catching fire, or that will at least slow a fire down.

Should I still make sure that the materials I use don't burn very easily (even unsprayed)?
Which materials would be best for that, and (how) can I test unknown materials for fire hazard?
Would it be all right to use a little bit of fabric that is perhaps not quite as flame retardant, as long as the bulk of the quilt is made of 'safe' materials?

Any and all tips and advice are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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